Amazing bands you listen to and nobody knows about

Which bands amongst your favourite ones are unknown to the world?

I thought it would be cool to post here bands/artists that nobody knows about and that are completely fantastic. So I’ll start with seven of them, so you can listen to them and tell me what you think!

#7: Sorry Kate
This is an experimental band from Madrid (Spain). They create an strange collage pop sound, which I love. They’re going to Primavera Sound if anyone wants to know. They’re amazing!

#6: Duck Fight Goose
Duck Fight Goose are a group from Shangai, with some members of another band I’ll talk about later. They do a mix of electronic and math rock, really interesting and super cool!

All the album “Sports” is a masterpiece.

#5: Flux Information Sciences
Well, this guys are one of the most strange and crazy bands I’ve ever listened to. They make a schizophrenic industrial/noise/no wave and idk what the hell more. Here you have some examples.

#4: Aurelio Valle
Aurelio is/was the singer of the indie/post-rock band Calla, which is one of my favourites, I have to say.

#3: Muscle Snog
Some of the people who played in Muscle Snog did play in Duck Fight Goose, too, so they’re very related. And in I am the top listener of both lol
It’s really sad that both of them released only one album, and I can’t understand it because they were doing pretty well.
This last one is in one my favourite songs ever.

#2: Dr(Dr)one
These guys from France are the best. They started doing improvisations and free jazz, until they decided to release their first album, “Lyrebird”. It’s completely fantastic! It’s a kind of ambient/rock/jazz/i don’t know!!!

I really recommend you to listen to all the album

Then they released this song and another album, pretty different but really cool, too.

#1: solitary ZEBRA
solitary ZEBRA is an indie band from Holland. With the first listen, I fell in love with them. They’ve relesed just one album yet, but I hope they make more music, because they’re fantastic!

And that’s all! (Maybe a bit long?) Comment if you liked them, and show the rest of us more unknown bands!!

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The Donnas


Silver Pines

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speaking of spanish bands people found at primavera

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I know them! They’re pretty cool, I was going to see them in my city (Valencia) but I didn’t go :cry:

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Island of Misfit Toys. I thought they were painfully twee when I first heard them, but then couldn’t stop listening to them:

Solitary Zebra! Isn’t there a part of you that wants to live?!


Oh, also Yeesh - FFO early Cursive:

Skintight is a tune tbh tbf

lol why?

I cant claim to like anyone that obscure but I often lidten to These Arms Are Snakes and think its a shame they never got big, ridiculously good band


They got a little bit of attention on here, but Strange Ranger (formerly Sioux Falls) has very few listeners on I know I’m in the minority but I thought “Rot Forever” was the best album (or at the very least the best non-radiohead album) of 2016. 72 minutes long and not a second wasted. If you like This Is a Long Drive / Fruit that Ate Itself era Modest Mouse you’ll probably like them - it’s one of those cases where the influence is heavy but they’re completely doing their own thing. Their back catalog of EPs on their bandcamp is great too, especially “Odds n Ends” and “Big Krackel”.

Also someone on here recommended “Fuck I’m a Ghost” back in the Ugly Casanova thread.

Burning Brides (fronted by Dmitri from OFF!) were a great band that shoud have been much bigger, and probably would have been if they had come out a few years before or after they did. The way he stacked riffs together was amazing. Their first and third albums are fantastic, and the second one has some of the best songs they’ve ever done too. The outro to this song is so good:

I’m not sure how unknown they are (I think their latest album may have gotten some attention) but Mr. Gnome’s 2008 album “Deliver this Creature” was something else. This song in particular - it’s almost like if you mix Black Sabbath / Kyuss with “Siva” by the Pumpkins and a bit of HTTT-era Radiohead.

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Came here to post this :smiley:

but I don’t understand

Probably as big as a band their style could have got though?

It’s a lyric (almost) from this

ooooooooooooooh! lol okay hahaha

Just posting on this so I remember to come back and listen.


Did someone mention Spanish bands from Primavera? Emma Bakia’s my favourite, saw them at Primavera 2002 and still listen to them regularly 15 years later and don’t think I’ve ever seen them mentioned anywhere. Here’s probably my favourite album:

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