Amazing bands you listen to and nobody knows about


Got that Burning Brides album somewhere. Really liked the song Arctic Snow. Might dig it out and see what I think of it now


Sometimes find some great stuff on soundcloud.

Kinda electronic lo-fi soundscapes with crunchy bits

a bit folktronica-y if I remember correctly

Shoe gaze goodness

There’s millions more, that’s just a few recent ones I’ve been into. So many talented people doing it for no money or recognition, simultaneously inspiring and depressing


yea i think this, everytime i go back and listen to them they sound better and better. Easter is probably my favourite but i really like the 1st lp also. Wish they would come back and do some more. Were exceptional live also.


Apparently they did a one off show the other week in Seattle so you never know!


really!? fuck me that is exciting!


Old Amica
Old Amica are probably my favourite super tiny unheard-of band. Maybe even my favourite band, regardless of known’ness.
They are two chaps from different parts of Sweden, who email their different parts of their songs to each other, from what I can tell. You’d probably need to like melancholic slowish music to like them though. Also inspired by Carl Sagan apparently, which is extra nice. Two songs:

(The final 3 or so minutes of this song are one of my favourite parts of any song. Don’t particularly know why, I just love it so much especially after the build up)

(I decided to make a video for one of their songs with me dressed as a superhero. Half of the views of the video are probably by me though)



Some one man multi-instrumentalist guy from Portugal. So many lovely sounds in his songs - keyboards, xylophones, guitars, toys, and a great voice. His cds/vinyl records also have the most amazing packaging to equal his songs. Two songs:

Today Is The Same As Yesterday, But Yesterday Is Not Today
(he has so many brilliant videos on youtube, lots of animations or strange things)

I Was Trying To Sleep When Everyone Woke Up
(a live video. I might need to travel to Portugal/Europe to see him play one day)


I also have that album, actually put the track Arctic Snow on my Winter DiS CD swap.


Yeah Arctic Snow is great, that was my introduction to them too. I remember Buddyhead raving about them back in the day but I could never find a sound clip since it was 2001, but I caught the outro being played on a late night radio program and had to get the album immediately. It’s a shame they never got big, the third album really should have done it for them. Great live band too.


Literature, Arab Spring was/is one of my favourite pop records everrrr


Happy Meals from Glasgow


FFO Tobin Sprout


Talk Less, Say more. Sort of spoken electro with philosophical themes. It’s great and the fact this song has only a couple of hundred of views is criminal:

All his albums are available for free:


Shared a bill with them and the #1s in Cork a few years ago. The Gardaí turned up halfway through the gig thanks to noise complaints. Guess we shouldn’t have been playing a basement gig under a Georgian terrace!


The most wonderful and ridiculous band you’ve never heard of:
The Corn Potato String Band


oh and mike wexler is great - bleary but intense folk psych


Someone check out Teeth & Tongue please!! my favourite local (Australia) release of 2016



I was kind of into Calla for a short while a few years back, but never checked out Aurelio Valle, but will have to now, thanks.

Pretty much 2/3 or more of the bands I talk about in my blog would fit this category.

The River Empires
Apes and Androids

to name a few,


Broke up ages ago but were good. The drummer went on to form Queens of the Stone Age


Did you ever listen to their first album? In my opinion it’s a masterpiece. I wouldn’t say it’s their best because they changed a lot at the end, but the self-titled album and Scavengers where fantastic. Calla is one of the best experimental albums I’ve ever listened, I always wanted to hear anything similar to it, and I’ve never found it!