Amazing debut albums that the artist never topped

I’d start with;
The Streets. Original Pirate Material.
The xx. xx.
Joy Division. Unknown Pleasures.
Oasis. Definitely Maybe.

Leaving off one album bands:

Clap your hands say yeah - self titled
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Marie
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell
Swearin’ - self titled
METZ - self titled
A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms
Foo Fighters - self titled
Twilight Singers - Twilight as Played by the Twilight Singers

Though many of the follow ups are still good, even great or classics (especially the Twilight Singers).

Counting Crows and the Antlers just miss the list, since August and Everything After / Recovering the Satellites and Hospice / Burst Apart are too close to call consistently.

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i really like the second METZ album


Show your Bones is easily as good as Fever to Tell - it’s probably my go to YYY’s album!

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Oh yeah the second METZ album is great too, but there’s still something about the first one that sets it apart I think.

Nirvana - Nevermind


Alexisonfire’s self titled

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Jeff Buckley - Grace

Think those are the third and fourth Antlers albums too

Although it’s not perfect and has it’s flaws, the difference between Silent Alarm and everything Bloc Party has done since is ridiculous.


So much this ^

It’s still an absolute belted and it will always have nostalgia on its side for me. The only other album I still listen to besides that is Four. Didn’t get round to the last one…

Silent Alarm is a great album, I honestly can’t believe how shit they became after that record.

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  • Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
  • Joy Division - Closer

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I can’t make up my mind. Certainly not an obvious drop off in quality.

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Arcade Fire - Funeral


Uhhh, I think In Utero is much better tbh. Well, okay, maybe not much better, but better.

a lot of people count the Bleach EP as an album being that it’s over 25 minutes long

The Strokes - Is This It

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The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

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