Amazing Facts

You are older now than you’ve ever been in your entire life



The thing you are looking for is always in the last place you look unless you keep looking even after you have found it :exploding_head:


When you tear up a bank note, you are committing treason and could face up to 94 years in prison :exploding_head:

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The drummer from ZZ Top is called AA Bottom


3/4 of the band Free who wrote the music for the Wriggley’s Chewing Gum advert are in prison :exploding_head:

In the original alphabet, there was no z and zebras were called stripehorses :exploding_head:


Not one member of the band Led Zeppelin have ever flown in a zeppelin, nor are they made out of lead. However their late drummer Jon Bonham did once fly in a balloon made of aluminium.


The first song a four year old Paul McCartney ever wrote was Hey Jude :expp

The oldest member of Thin Lizzy is Phil Young :boomhead:

Gary Numan And Gary Oldman are exactly the same age

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In Luxembourg, if there are no speed limit signs visible, then you can drive as fast as you like

If you try and sit in a chair crotch first you’ll end up looking like a fucking dipshit.


David Bowie is dead.

The wave machine was invented by Brent Hand in 1957 after he got inspiration from a trip to the beach

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To maximise your warmth in a sleeping bag, it is most efficient to be completely naked inside it

Elvis is alive.

Despite his name drummer Keith Moon was actually a keen worshipper of the sun god Ra and would frequently invite fellow rock stars to his mansion to perform ‘blood sacrifices’ to win his favour and secure a good harvest.


The only city that is visible from space is Barry, Nevada

Tony Blair’s surname contains the word lair which is an anagram of liar

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Ironically, I believe he is the only one without a bottom.