Amazing lipstick


This is amazing, hive they have them on lips so you can really see the colour! All lipstick brands should do this!

Look at all these beautiful colours


fkunin wow holy fuck balls


Which ones your favourite japes?

I like Spanish pink, bare peach and sweet mystery


they’re just fucking groat love lovistick fkcing great eh



i can’t be doing with lipstick. i put it on and seemingly minutes later it’s all smudged up into some weird residue or gone sort of lumpy or just come off

given up on make up in general since i work in an air conditioned office and my eyes can’t deal with both eye make up and air con


Wild ginger or Sea dragon for me


I really hate lipstick. Have a real aversion to the stuff. The worst thing is when you get a glass in a pub that hasn’t been washed properly and it has remnants of someone else’s lipstick on it.


i love lipstick but i would never buy a tom ford one. got quite a few mac ones as gifts, and would begrudge paying £16 or whatever they are now for any of them other than the viva glam ones, although i did want a mariah one when they had free shipping last week, just because MARIAH and GLITTER but they were all sold out.


can you get tortoiseshell?


oh i got chanel’s ‘pirate’ as a present last year but i can’t wear it because it’s pigmented but sheer at the same time. can’t be wearing products that move all over.


also, more or less all indie brands do swatches now. there’s been quite a few campaigns to get all swatches in multiple colours too - illamasqua are one of the few bigger brands who’ve always done it.


by all swatches i mean all skin tones, for all colours


ffs, just been on their website and they don’t do it anymore? swatch sites and indexes like temptalia are good.


do you have any lipstick wearing advice for someone who can’t wear it without it going weird or getting everywhere?


i tend to stick to mattes or creams over sheer or pearl finishes (anything that looks wet after you’ve tested it on your hand is a bad idea) . the more pigmented the lipstick, the better it tends to stay too. and lip liner is really indispensable - you can get a clear one from the body shop or essence do them (in most wilkos) for £1 that are really good.


I thought that would be a thing they should do. It’s good that they’re not just demonstrating one skin tone but it wouldn’t be too hard to do all shades on a range of tones, would it?


also, i’d say try a matte or ‘creme’ for under £5 from nyx (stocked at bigger boots), rimmel or make up revolution (£1! at bigger superdrugs)




what’s annoying is that you’ve really got to do your research before you buy anything, which you shouldn’t have to do. racism and colourism is so rife in the beauty industry, some of the biggest selling brands have a really shocking range of colours.

a good thing with the internet is that there are loads of genuinely helpful, non-white bloggers and vloggers ‘swatching’ items. there’s an app now that provides swatches exclusively for women with darker skin, and i think i remember coming across a subreddit in which someone had compiled a spreadsheet that listed popular foundation shades alongside the youtubers and bloggers that use them.

like i said, many brands offer so few foundation shades, but also because of shop space, a lot of colours that are sold globally aren’t sold over here, because of what they deem ‘british’ to be. also, its a lot harder to get a foundation match if you don’t match the shades available, or can’t even attain a sample or bottle of foundation to try against your wrist.

there was a trend recently, started by one of my all time favourite beauty blog/vloggers to try and get bigger youtubers to buy and use products from black-owned cosmetic brands. these brands tend to offer the best quality lipstick and eyeshadow, because they’re formulated with inclusion in mind, which translates to them using high-intensity pigments.


Tom Ford are part of Estée Lauder and they test on animals so I’ll pass on those

I haven’t found a lipstick I’ve liked in forever. When I go to the gym, I stand under this colours light and my lips look coral so I’d like something that colour but my skin is insanely pale so I dunno