Amazing starts to a gig

Best I’ve seen was probably the two Beastie Boys’ shows on the 5 Boroughs tour I saw. Mixmaster Mike being fucking awesome for 5+ minutes to psyche the crowd up (one he started in a crate pushed on to the stage by a lackey, another he was a boxer being patted down and walked on by the stage crew).

Springsteen’s carnival box and a “Come on, Steve!” into Radio Nowhere in 2007 was brilliant too, although he’s got some truly brilliant ones in the past. Simple build up into Badlands is a good one:

…but fuck me, would I have loved to have seen this - His much maligned ‘Other Band’ doing an incredible gospely version of a Woody Guthrie song:

Got any favourites, whether you were there or not?


I wasn’t there but it probably doesn’t get any better than this. Imagine showing up to a Pumpkins concert in 1999 and realizing that Jimmy is back via the I Am One drum intro. Billy has called this the happiest moment of his career and you can see it, look at the sheer joy during the solos.


Ezra Furman emerging from a pink coffin on Halloween


my dad gets well excited any time he gets to say that he saw Pink Floyd at Knebworth in 1975 and just as they started playing 2 Spitfires flew really low over the crowd

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the start of Self Esteem at Kentish Town Forum last year was incredible

I think I’d listened to her album twice, that was all I knew but somehow as soon as the two musicians came on and started doing the drum intro I could tell it was going to be a fucking amazing gig, and it was

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An obvious one but a total goosebumps moment watching this live on the telly


The most obvious choice:


There for;

Everyone stopped talking and there was an audible “aaahh” when they first sang just after 4:45.

Often watch this just for the intro;


Thats awesome (and makes me miss atp)

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I can’t find any decent footage from the gig I was at (Manchester) but Sufjan Stevens opening with ‘Seven Swans’ on the ‘Age of Adz’ tour was pretty special.

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Jay Z at Glastonbury coming out, half arsing his way through Wonderwall and then ripping into 99 Problems was fantastic fun


I wasn’t there obviously, but this takes some beating.

I woz there

Was tied best show that weekend with Faith No More on the NME stage

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You’d have witnessed this too, then? If I’ve got my years right. Not jealous at all :triumph:


Yeah! I think I’d just turned 18 as well. I’d recently got into FNM, and Radiohead were my fav band.

Gutted to have missed the start of FNM though as i was helping my wh smiths colleague who i fancied clean sick off her legs.


LCD’S reunion shows where they started with Us V Them and the big mirror ball reveal were :fire:

Also recall a Hot Chip show where they started with Shake a Fist with a bunch of them in a drumming circle

That was at The Roundhouse right? Such an amazing gig

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