Amazing Thursday thread

Pac Man was released on a Thursday, 22nd May 1980.

Fun fact over, have a great Thursday, make it amazing or something.



Morning. Today is my Friday :partying_face:

Not much on today apart from shouting at Sandbag for their terrible customer service and not delivering my records. I’m going to stop already getting angry and I’m not even speaking to them.

My sister had a pac man rip off called Munch Man.

Anyway have a hangover after 3 1/2 pints which is ridiculous

Work. Got a date later :scream: .


Just read the article and apparently it was a legit licensed version of PAC Man. Why didn’t they just call it pac man?

Later we also had a Pac-Man board game that took ages to set up (you had to cover the board in marbles) and was not that fun to play really

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I also had that

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I had this. Can still very very clearly remember the tune when you started up a game.

I also had another Grandstand rip off game of Space Invaders (Invader from Space)


EDIT : shove your consoles up your arse millenials.


What was the internal memory like when you needed to download updates, Grandad? We’re there different skins to play?

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Good morning :coffee:
Got a delivery coming between 10:05 and 11:05, how exciting.

Can you track where he/she is on a map? I love it when you can do that. Get a bit obsessed and completely unable to do anything except follow them on the map.

I don’t think I can, sorry :frowning:
Damn DHL

Think I have a call at 9 so should probably get up.

One of the taxi companies here has a tracking feature on their app so you can see how far away your cab is. My old housemate used to get hilariously irked following it - “They’re going in the opposite direction!”, “They’ve been stopped there for 5 minutes the lazy prick”, etc.


It’s the start of my holiday! So I’m going back to sleep YAY



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12.34 - 13.34 for me

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get bent 21st century

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Bet yours will come before mine

Is it called “Uber”



cwbaft, it’s a wrist and thumb support because my tendons are pathetic and I’m in quite a lot of pain and can’t really use my right hand (don’t)

DiS what is this please??