Amazing Thursday thread



You know, I was just about to say I hope your hand feels better. But now… well I hope it feels better, but slower.


Morning DiS,

I had a lovely evening last night with @grievoustim, @Gnometorious and @Avery at the pub last night. I seem to have swerved a hangover. Tim - it must be down to you switching from Harveys to Long Man. I was feeling cold for Avery as he sat there in shorts and tee shirt. Brrr. The highlight was Gnome throwing a poll into the conversation as if we were on here.

I think I’ll go for a run at lunchtime.


On about a week of poor sleep nights now, feel like a zombie and it’s making me really stressed and anxious (which means I don’t sleep the following night).

Good morning fuckers

Off to the park with my sister and her silly dog
Then ill finally register at the doctors I suppose

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is that not a mayfly?

looks like a right dickhead either way

No, Dragon

Sorry, right, so we’ve just forgotten about the tip then yeah??
You tease us with the tip but now you’re too good for the tip? Okay then.

It’s a 10.

I dunno, it’s severely lacking in wings

A mystery!

Your worst nightmare


Imagining it sitting me down and listing all my faults and the ways in which I’m a disappointment now


You’ll get the tip tomorrow I promise

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Happy pacman day

A homage to the pacman himself

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Cor, if I had a pound…

work til 230 then off to Bristol I goooo

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I was thinking more b-movie creature horror, but that sounds far more terrifying

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One of the d&ders, look it up in yr monster manual


It’s definitely not me.

Is this what @Eric really looks like?

Reckon it is something that would be suffixed with -bear, as everything is that or a goblin or a jelly.