Amazing Thursday thread

plume moth. I’ve looked this up before as there seem to be a lot where my parents live. Those ones are a lighter colour than yours though. It does have wings, they’re folded up in the bits making up the top of the T shape

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Omg! Thank you :blush:
It can stay now it’s been confirmed it won’t try and eat me alive.
You’re a fountain of knowledge!


Can confirm I’ve never been bitten by one, they mostly just like to sit on walls. It probably wants to be outside though. I don’t know what they eat but they aren’t a kind that eats clothes and carpets or human food so I’m guessing whatever it needs isn’t in your flat.

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Ah. Okay. I’ll pop it out of the window then.

Everything I love leaves :cry: :smiley:

I just remembered Garfunkel & Oats


can’t see a filth thread so:

mrs has bought some of those leggings that… deliberately accentuate the figure. i don’t know what to do, i need to get work done.

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Thrillingly the cat has gone missing, and someone has left it’s collar on our front porch. Feel quite sick

Oh no that’s horrible! :cold_sweat:


Oh no, hope it turns up ok soon. They do lose their collars sometimes. Is it microchipped?

They might have taken it off themselves maybe? Ours has one of those with a snap clasp thing on it, and he’s got the knack of undoing it himself. We’ve had one of the neighbours get in touch and pop it back through the letterbox before.

I hope they turn up again soon, it’s such a horrible feeling :disappointed_relieved:

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It is chipped, only been gone since 6am so I do hope she’ll turn up. She seemed ok with the collar in the past and hadn’t been trying to get it off. The collar was actually left over our fence so I think it was left there by a person.

Not a great day to WFH all things told

I envy anyone who gets to meet DiSers, especially such excellent DiSers



What an excellent bunch of DiSers. Glad you all had a good time.


I had this.

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Got a bit worried seeing there had been a whole load of new posts in the covid thread while I had been napping, but most of them were just jokes about eggs so that was quite a fun relief.


Am sure regretting this welsh name thing, can’t remember what it is to log-in on works devices

looking at a job advert and the first benefit they list is “free onsite parking”

My faves! :joy:

Went out for a walk at lunch and found her in a hedge opposite us. The neighbors cat Lana helpfully alerted me to this by meowing at me and being cute.

Screaming to be let out again but she is on house arrest now :slightly_smiling_face:


Just walked past this and nearly shit myself