The impact chewing gum has made to the urban landscape really is amazing isn’t it? Every time I notice it I am amazed!

What else is AMAZING!?


I’ll tell you what’s amazing. The evolution of sentient beings on a chunk of rock 90 million miles from the sun.

I’ve just watched that with the subtitles on and have lost it at ‘Shine’.


Yeah but is it though, statistically speaking?

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones?

The fact that, say, a tree is a whole thing with its own characteristics that’s made up of all these contained, discreet systems and units that are reducible and reducible and reducible and yet understandable on their own but that also, together, form a tree. All the way down to the fundamental building blocks of the universe.

Really freaks my nut if I think too hard about it.


That David Bowie/Gest mix-up on Big Brother that time.

This, but with consciousness thrown into the mix. Fucking consciousness! A whole subjective world emerging from neurons. And down to evolution. Amazing.

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Had a similar thing yday at home.

Started typing this ‘story’ out and realised it’s really boring. Yours is basically a better version.

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Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows.

And Tom Cruise has a tooth right in the middle of his mouth.

that @Lucien hasn’t even been the slightest bit curious about how his old friends on the forum are.

Plus the fact that the pre-Cambrian period makes up eighty percent of geologic time!

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God that freaks me out!

Pls link the podcast

When them slags flew a plane into the world trade centre

Every single computer works just because we tricked some silicon to sometimes let a little bit of electric through it.

Every computer is made of tiny switches. Like light switches. But miniscule. Millions and billions of them.

Computers in general are amazing.

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