Amazon Alexa

So I notice there was another thread ages ago about this but it was much more about the ethics and politics of them, which, while of course has its place, is not what I’m interested in.

I invested in three of the blighters for every meaningful room of my house, but I’m at a bit of a standstill as to what else they can do and wondered if anyone had any tips.

Currently it reads me the news and weather in the morning, and then turns my big light on. In the kitchen I mainly say ‘alexa play jazz’ and in the living room it’s a glorified speaker for my mobile phone.

I could, if I wanted, control my telly with it but never really got into the habit.

What am I missing?

Alexa? Open the magic door

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Also 3 for each room? That’s a lot of Alexa! :wink:

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Its best for recipes

Alexa - next step

Thats the most important function you’ll ever throw at it.

Oh and also program your pizza order so you can wake up in a groggy hangover and go ALEXA! Pizza

And it’ll order your pizza

Otherwise they’re just glorified bluetooth speakers


Also ask Alexa if she works for the CIA

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Ask Alexa if she is local.

It’ll tell you some top quality jokes.

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Finding this thread extremely triggering due to the large number of people at work who call me Alexa, which is not my name


I changed the wake-up word (or whatever it’s called on mine) to Echo, because I don’t like that they gave it a human name.

How does it do this? Don’t have one but I’m mystified by this

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Sheeple, I hope?


Long arm comes out the speaker and flicks the switch


You need a smart bulb

Or you need to have a wi-fi enabled light switch

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Definitely not a thing


throws ‘world of tomorrow, today’ panflet

My computer uses the houses internal wiring to connect to my houses router

The smart bulbs are a good job. Alexa is a real piss taker when you ask it to play certain bands or songs though.

alexa, what is your purpose


I use her to play music and podcasts. Spotify, BBC Sounds etc.
She’s also good for tracking Amazon deliveries

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I’ve only really used one at a party and it didn’t understand a single song I requested

Quite funny shouting commands to somebody’s Alexa over Zoom when they’re out of the room though


My (now former!) housemate and I got into the habit of saying “Alexa, play Pony by Ginuwine!” so often during lockdown that my leaving gift for her was some embroidery saying that

Really useful for setting a kitchen timer and listening to music while cooking but it’s creepy when it makes its little beep boop noises when you’re not in the room. I wouldn’t buy one just in case they become sentient.