Amazon boycott practicalities


We’re all agreed that we shouldn’t use Amazon right?

Latest evidence:

It’s hard though in this day and age. Not as hard as sleeping in the woods in order to be able to afford to get to work in the morning, granted, but a little bit hard.

So let’s share info on websites/shops where you can buy good stuff like you can on amazon. Where do you buy stuff?


Books: Wordery.

Music stuff: Norman Records or Banquet.


There’s nothing in that article to suggest amazon are doing anything wrong



Page 45 will ship any comic books or graphic novels worldwide.




do they do ebooks?


While it seems the shift lengths and practices in the warehouse are worthy of scrutiny im not sure exactly what fault lies with Amazon in regards to that story. Seems the guy has just chosen to stay in a tent rather than make a 30 mile (each way) trip to work every day where transport options are presumably limited?


Wordery are great aren’t they. Prices are amazing and delivery is fast af.


Are we really expecting large multinational corporations to be good employers?



yeah but that problem is inherent in their (publically funded) business model isn’t it


I have no idea.



i guess if you’re happy with this then just keep using Amazon. Madness


155 people have said this news would make them ‘more likely to shop on amazon’ according to the poll at the bottom.


I will if everyone else does


They’re paying over the minimum wage, the people who are working for agencies that they are using have signed out of the working time directive and have decided to save some cash on travelling by kipping outside.

None of which is amazons problem


I know for a fact that any books/records I’ll receive will be from Amazon because I’m not sure old people understand how many different websites actually exist
Try to avoid it though, yeah, although getting a copy of Alph Towner/John Abercrombie 5 Years Late is proving a struggle
Also have a mate who works in one of the big Amazon depos in Swansea and he gets very offended and patronised by anyone who points out how bad the working conditions seem. Says things like people are there to work so who cares if they get you to go quickly as possible etc etc. Idk.


Councils: Shit there are no jobs round here
Amazon: We’ve got jobs! Fookin thousands of em.
Councils: Oh thank fuck. Here’s some tax breaks/public funding to bring them over here.
Amazon: Great cheers, but we’re gonna just leave them here where you can all reach them OK? points to middle of nowhere
Local Businesses: Sorry everyone but we have to sack all our staff now.


It’s no Marlon & Roscoe


i don’t think we’re going to agree here. it’s not the point of the thread anyway. i’m glad if it’s making you feel better about your consumer choices though.