Amazon Customer Service



You guys ever not receive an order from Amazon. Not from those merchants that use amazon, but from amazon itself.

I haven’t received an order that was meant to be delivered on the 29th. But I can’t work out how to pester them about it. All I’ve got is an opportunity to return the item, but I can’t do that because I haven’t received it.

Regale me with yr tales of sorting it all out.


Probably the gold standard of customer service tbh.


There’s another thread about this, but yeah, had two good experiences after fuck ups. Didn’t get something on the designated day, wrote an email to complain, got a free month of prime. Got a faulty kindle, talked through the problem on the phone, once they had determined it was actually faulty, they posted me a new one that arrived the next day and gave me a month to return the other one.


I’m going through this at the moment. Their carrier claims to have left a package with a resident in my building. I have asked all my neighbours and they haven’t. The person I spoke to on Wednesday said the carrier would call or email me in 24 - 48 hours. They haven’t.

In fairness, they gave me a months free prime straight off the bat.


yeah this, ordered something through prime but after it hadn’t arrived i got in touch with them by the chat thing, they said they’d given it to royal mail and they were experiencing delays (surely not!) and that it would ‘hopefully’ arrive soon. ended up arriving today, two days after i needed it. got my prime extended by a month and a tenner voucher as compensation.


i got a new Kindle recently and it was faulty. 3G didn’t work. i decided i wasn’t arsed about 3G anyway so instead of return it i asked if i could get some money off and they credited me £60. :sunglasses:
there was also a very long awkward pause during the first call i was waiting for it to boot up and the guy went “so, er… do you do much reading?” which was hilarious.


Had a few damaged items from them, complained and they just automatically send out replacements without asking if that’s what I want (when really I would prefer a discount or just to moan), then I don’t return the originals in time because that is a massive effort, so I eventually get charged twice.


I remember when i was 16 I ordered Burnout 3 and it hadnt dispatched a week after I ordered it. I went Dear Mr Amazon HALP! They did halp! it came the next day and they gave me a voucher for 40pound to have a game on the house ^.^ ever since then I’ve sworn brand loyalty and maimed anyone with a bad word to say about my lord.


Also needs to note that everytime i’ve dealt with amazon customer serivice the issue is usually resolved within minutes of bringing it up (and they also call you, almost immediatly…) they do a lot of shit but amazons customer service is pretty tremendous


it’s been a few years but i’m pretty sure there was a ‘my item hasn’t arrived’ option and i got sent another one, while they checked with me a couple of times to see if the original turned up so i could send it back (it never did)


I had some trouble with DPD as a result of an Amazon Prime subscription. But as people have said above, they were quick to sort it out and we ended up getting about £70 of compensation.


Never had any dealings with them, but have always assumed they’d be shockingly awful for some reason.


email their customer service and complain. i got x2 the items I ordered because of this.


I found out how to phone them (or them phone me as it happens).

Got told to wait. Seems like I’m the only one who isn’t given free stuff :disappointed:


They’ve agreed to refund my order, and send me another. Thankfully there was 1 left in stock.

Pretty good really. Compared to jokers like Yodel, it’s been brilliant.


ya gotta kick off like you mean it, maaaaaaan. tell them you’re disappointed and considering cancelling your membership or whatever.


i ‘complained’ about prime they just give it to you for free, don’t even ask why.

my livechat went something like this:

“i ordered something with prime delivery and it’s not here yet”

“ok have a refund for the year of prime and the product free too”

“mmm, ok thanks, was just gonna ask where it was. You guys really just make squillions and don’t pay any taxes huh”


The victory of capitalism.