Amazon Dash Buttons

these are STILL the shittest things capitalism has yet produced.

I’m off home now - have a great evening Jordan

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The utter pointlessness of these is properly irking me.

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Amazon TRASH buttons more like!


Help, I need some World’s Best Cat Litter in a day and I DO NOT have time to open my laptop!

And how does it know what I actually want? Let’s say I click my Whiskas button. Presumably I still have to go onto Amazon to confirm which flavour and quantity I would like?

Obviously nobody knows the answer to this as literally nobody has ever actually used one of them.

My life hasn’t been the same since


I think you program it beforehand

Bad ant’s back.


We didn’t ask for a fucking science lesson, egghead


Bad Ant

sounds like someone’s pushed their twat button

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It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I wonder if you can get an amazon dash button that orders more amazon dash buttons? :thinking:


I think they’d then malfunction, and you wouldn’t be able to turn them off, and we’d end up with a world essentially swamped by Amazon Dash Buttons [Philip K Dick basically wrote this story, only he somehow forgot to mention Amazon, on account of he died before they started]

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/me presses button

Nope, dignity aint here yet