Amazon Echo Dot (do I want this)

Quick answer guys. I’m signing up to virgin broadband and they have an offer right now that you either get an amazon echo dot free or £50 credit. I don’t think I want one but I have a feeling these things are the inevitable future. Should I get one or not? I currently use amazon about once a year.

  • Yes, get one
  • Take the £50 instead you fool

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Depends on how much you like being spied on in your own home, really.

£50 is a lot of Jaffa cakes.

As someone who owns an Echo Dot I can categorically advise you to go for the £50 credit.


Sort of feel like they should be paying you to have a weird always on speaker thing listening to everything you do all the time so they can sell you more stuff. Take the £50.


I got one as a gift but the only thing I ended up using it for was to ask it to play radio stations or occasionally for measurements when cooking. Decided it wasn’t enough of a price to pay to have a Bezos listening device in my house so gave it away.

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Got one.

Used it for about a month and asked it inane questions mostly. Tried to use it as an alarm clock but the noise of the alarm playing means it can never hear your instructions to turn the alarm off. Maddening. Never played the radio through it. Never used it to add anything to my shopping list. They’re absolute shite IMO.

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I’d feel self conscious talking to a device.

That’s a feature.

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Thanks guys, this was the quick and concise answer I was hoping for. I will indeed respect the poll.

Enjoy your new Amazon Echo Dot.

Boycott Amazon :fist:

Won one in a charity raffle. Use it for Internet radio and to play Spotify, as it is plugged into the main stereo in the living room. Spotify has to be controlled by using a phone or iPad, because the Echo Dot can never find anything via a voice command.

It’s completely useless for everything else.

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Sounds like it’s fairly fucking useless for that, too.

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