Amazon Key


Pay Amazon £200 so their delivery drivers can open your front door and come into your house.

Alternatively, just be an adult, get stuff delivered to your work and bring it home in your car when you finish.


What of those adults amongst us that don’t drive?


for £300 more they will watch the tv they’ve just installed WITH you and make popcorn/fetch cans intermittently


oh my god you’re begging for someone to head that in


Take contol of your lives?
Ask a neighbour or family member?
Use Amazon lockers or Click & Collect?
Ride it home on your fold-up bicycle?


He pulls it back towards the penalty spot, the keeper scrambles across but he’s there to hammer it home! 1-0


Joked aside, surely we’d all agree this is shit for twats?


Yeah no arguments here


This has been covered EXTENSIVELY here


Key marries goat


I wouldn’t engage with someone who used the term ‘Internet of Things’.

Thread continues…


forgot you’re a petrolhead.


Still probably spend about two grand a year on taxis.

See the game last night?


nahhh. looking forward to losing to Everton tonight though (I also won’t be watching).


Dont mean to cast aspersions, but although she’s a credit to your company, maybe you should get jean’s accounts audited once in a while.


And just when he thought he’d got the taxman off his back.


He lives in a city without public transport (or infrastructure of any sort), so little choice really.

This is weird though, yeah.