Amazon Prime Day

What a load of fucking tat.


is that today? anything not shit on it?

It’s a bit like looking through a catalogue for movie props where they want the branded item to be recognisable while being incredibly careful not to infringe on any copyrights.

Picked up a Somy TV I’ve had my eye one for a while though.


We actually did buy a new TV (LG, 43 inches… think our current one is 32, so should be a nice step up).

I wanted a juicer but the one they have on offer isn’t the one I want

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bought Far Cry 5 when I really should be spending my time applying for jobs… damn you Amazon!!!

Fuck Amazon.


I think this is probably well known already but you can download a Chrome extension called Camelcamelcamel or something like that and it tells you the historic pricing of Amazon products so you know if you’re actually getting a good deal.

Edit: I think its called The Camelizer maybe

Bought a Fitbit for the TV as it’s what she wants for her birthday. £30 cheaper than anywhere else…

2019 edition

Bought a 4K amazon fire stick for £25 (instead of £50) as I feel it would greatly simplify things (Xbox 360 is a dedicated Netflix machine and iPlayer stopped working on it so constantly changing the HDMI cable around to plug into the NOW TV). Plus the remote looks nifty.

Massive bargain - Billie Eilish vinyl for £11

hopefully I’ll get some alerts from you chaps for some decent lightning deals and other bargains, but as of midnight, generally a load of tat. Some decent PS4 video games but I’m Switch of gtfo nowadays.

Haha, just sign up to the 30 day trial or be a student

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Fuck Amazon 2019.


There’s a strike on btw.