Amazon Prime

thought I’d sign up for free 30 days, to see what all the fuss is about. not all that really, is it.

Amazon video is pretty shit. way, way inferior to the superb Netflix. everything about is is amateurish and poor and the selection of stuff to watch is frankly pathetic. I’m also finding it hard to just dip back into a particular episode or whatever. just chucks me anywhere it fancies.

prime delivery ain’t much better. ordered something yesterday…and only just got my delivery slot. 10.08-11.08AM. basically, an hour or so’s notice. not cool. I had stuff to do between 10.08-11.08AM

100% will not be carrying on after the 30. fuck that

what you say about Amazon Prime?

I don’t need another excuse to buy shit I don’t need.

For that reason, ahm oot.

It’s very handy at Christmas.

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does it cook the turkey or something?


Worth it for same day/next day delivery alone
Id say its worse for tv shows but better for films than netflix


I needed some emergency rat socks. turns out they’re not eligable for Prime anyway. man needs his rat socks the next day, ffs!

I am the king of leaving present buying to last minute. It saved my arse in the past 2 years.

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the video thing is absolute gash

I quite like the next day delivery though

I started a free trial last month. Ordered 2 things. Neither thing arrived when it was supposed to. CANCELLED.

My membership is just coming up for renewal next month.

There’s quite a lot of decent stuff on the streaming service (been working through The Americans) but the UI is awful and unintuitive.

Definitely end up buying much more than I need. Prime Now has been really useful in the past when I’ve needed things desperately - had an iron delivered at 7am etc.

I use it for the delivery mainly. In fact have a five item delivery coming through today (payday).

What I hate are non-Prime items. Fuck you guys!

Also good to get a few Prime exclusives. I managed to get a Le Creuset casserole dish for £75 the other day!

Did watch Preacher on it though (which was great) and had no issues whatsoever. Was on a rewatch of Freaks and Geeks a while back and they pulled it mid watch, couldn’t be fucked to find a DVD player in the loft so just torrented it, isn’t it?

Dont even get me started on add-on items!!

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Got an add-on coming today but yeah they are shit!

I have the student version on account of having an email address for work. Makes it half price but I think I get all the benefits. Me and my housemates usually buy a lot through Amazon so if they want something I’ll make the order and they’ll give me the money + a pint once in a while.

I think it’s really great but I don’t think I’d bother with it if I had to pay the full price/lived on my tod.

I needed my niece’s birthday present delivered quickly last week. Amazon offered me a free trial of prime, so I did that and then they delivered the present for free and then I cancelled the prime subscription and that’s my story.

Would use a free trial of prime to get something delivered quickly for free again! :thumbsup:

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We use it, fairly handy for deliveries, there are at least as many films on it that I want to watch as Netflix (about three a piece). Doesn’t work well with Chromecasting though, presumably because they want to nudge you to use their own version.

You can share some of your Prime privileges with people in your household. My wife uses mine on her account (fucking freeloader). Maybe you can’t do it on the student one.

The next day delivery is the only good thing about it. Had it for a year but it wasn’t really worth it. I work in the centre of town so if I need something that urgently, I can nip out at lunch and grab it.

Is it legit to use for staff as well as students? I too have an work address but always assumed it was studes only.

Think the email address is the only requirement

Btw if you sign up for the free trial just go on the do not auto renew bit so you don’t have to worry about being charged