Amazon Prime

Ooo I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll see if I can do the same!

Not really because you have to enter your subject area and how many years of study (I’m doing Medicine!), but they haven’t asked for any kind of proof other than having the email. Been going fine for two and a bit years now.

guys, sadpunk works in the centre of town and so doesn’t need amazon prime

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What’s your beef, eric#4?

got a free trial with a kindle i got in 2012. ordered a paperback that was in stock and it STILL TOOK 5 DAYS TO GET TO ME fucking shite. haven’t tried it since, though.

freaks and geeks was on netflix, then they put it on prime, now it’s back on netflix again

no beef s-punk, just stating the facts



Amazon prime gets you free next day deliver up until 8pm the night before which is amazing. And they deliver Sunday’s… and here’s a tip, if you get it delivered to a shop that accepts Amazon deliveries you’ll likely get it before 8am as well. Learn to prime better scrub.

standard amazon deliveries also come on sundays now

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got my rat socks! woo hoo. estimated delivery date - 3rd Nov

Yeah all my stuff is here too

what you purchased mate?

rat socks:

yeah that’s right, I’m 42


All presents:
Global knife and a little life for my sister’s b’day.
Two small Playmobil pirate things and an Avengers rucksack for my son.

Was going to get myself a pair of Muck Boots but they took three weeks delivery so I fucked them off.

was due to have something delivered today. was eligible for Prime, but did I get a time slot? did I fuck!

popped home at lunchtime on the offchance that I’d catch em…sat in my local office innit. 8 fackin’ miles away. poor show


Complain and get a free month


Can confirm this works.

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I only have it for the Lovefilm DVD rental thing because I’m a cave person. Have used the streaming thing, the film selection is better than Netflix but the interface and player are much worse (find that the sound goes out of sync when you play something in Chrome). The TV selection is basically just The Americans and all their own brand shite.

standard def wanker !!

Want to see my video shop card?