Ambient/ModernComp/Drone - Places to Visit (Resources list rolling)

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how if I ever get to travel again what I’d really like to do in each place I go to is visit somewhere that somehow meets my love of music and specifically the music we chat about in the A/MC/D thread.

Could be a festival or event, maybe a gig or sound exhibition, or simply a cafe/bar that plays this type or music, even just a great record shop. Anything really.

So I thought it might be useful to have a thread where we shared places and events we knew from our home cities/towns or places we’ve visited or just heard about that were intriguing.

I’ll start off with an event that happens every year for 10 days in Berlin but I only learnt about today. The CTM festival in Jan/Feb.

Realistically the next place I am likely to visit is London and I have on my places to visit list
Cafe Oto

I’m sure there are dozens of other places - record shops, bars, venues etc.

Anyway I don’t know. Apologies if this thread makes no sense.


Would recommend looking out for Electronic Music Open Mic events which are a really great ‘grassroots’ initiative.


(edit: wrong thread)

rewire festival in The Hague April.

Looks amazing. Anyone ever been? (assume it’s normally annual?)

just going to post here when I see stuff. Hope that’s ok

Ooh great thread. Anyone know of anywhere in Mexico City by any chance?. Visiting for a week and would be good to find somewhere like Cafe Oto

Counterflows festival in Glasgow is announcing the line up in January for the events 31st March - April 3rd (fingers crossed).

Anyone been before?