Amen Dunes


New album out at the end of March. Think the first single is SOTY so far and new one is a corker too:


OooooooOOOOOooooooh this is gooooooOOOOOooood


That bloke’s got a pretty nasty heel strike in the first video.


I didn’t watch the video. Is it worth it? Does it improve the song experience?


Caught this last night and it was like when I first heard Song for Zula. A very good thing. Never listened to this bloke before these tunes but very excited about this album now.


I wasn’t listening, I was just watching the bloke running. It was quite hypnotic.


Then between us we have experienced these songs.

I think that’s enough.


decent voice


I’m getting a real Lindsey Buckingham feel


Well this is strange, it seems that he used to be John Martyn and now he’s Tim Westwood.


New one:

Album is my favourite of the year so far. It’s wonderful.


Rinsing these songs tbh.


Album streaming now on NPR

You’re welcome.


He’s great. Absolutely love the previous album “Love”. New songs are sounding very very good.


Really hope this gets the exposure it deserves. It’s brilliant.


Agree. This is good. Thanks @JoJoMarty


Such a great album


Very big score from Pitchfork today. Hope this album really sets him off as it is brilliant


Yeah, really enjoying this.

lol @ the Tim Westwood comment


Probably now my favourite album since Benji in 2014. Think it’s bordering on a classic, amazing vocals and just gets better with every play. Not a single weak song on there and haven’t listened to anything else this month so far.