American 'alt' rock albums as good as Moon and Antarctica


been listening to it everyday for over a week, i’m pretty sure it’s perfect

any recommendations for similar stuff (i know all yer Pavements, Dino Jrs, Built to Spills, Elliott Smiths, and Yo La Tengos etc)




The earlier Wrens albums are similar sounding, Secaucus in particular, I overlook them a lot as Meadowlands is literally my favourite album but they’re both good in that MM/BtS kind of way:


Beulah - Handsome Western States


(Also, The Lonesome Crowded West is better IMO)


Never heard of this…whats it like?


Disagree, but LCW is really good too. Just a bit scrappy for me.


Thanks, I’ll give it a go.


I think Trailer Trash is the best thing they’ve ever done and would make a decent claim to make my top-25 songs of all time.

(Alone Down Here is my fave from The Moon & Antarctica)


I’d say it’s more indie poppy than Modest Mouse but it’s great:


‘You Turn Me On’ by Beat Happening. it sounds so good in summer. have a walk through a field or some woods with this one.



tried again and again to get into this album, but it never clicks

I’ll try once more. It’s been a couple of years.


‘WhatFunLifeWas’ by Bedhead, just bloody perfect yeah? more chiming guitars, with calm, quiet interpersonal vocals and occasional crescendos like somebody ruffled up someone’s papers or swept them onto the floor.


listening to this album now, thanks Matt


Ok cheating slightly with this one but it’s def a fantastic alt rock album (that isn’t on spotify so I’ve knocked up a youtube playlist)



:blush: totes welcome, Ben

here’s another great one for when you’re done. and this one was produced by yer man Brian Deck who did TM&A, so you know it’s good.

this is a wounded heart emerging from a slide guitar scrapheap of Stones tunes, broken pianos, alternately rowdy rye-scented burners and mounful, strung-out ruminations. and Tim Rutili mastered his own kind of gorgeous, abstract poetry before Jeff Tweedy found his similarly fractured lyrical voice.


Built to Spill is sort of similar? ‘Perfect From Now On’ or ‘Keep It Like A Secret’ would get my vote.

Also, Isaac Brock’s side project Ugly Casanova is worth a listen. It’s closer in spirit to M&A, i’d say…


Whoops, sorry. You already know Built To Spill. Should read posts more carefully before diving in…


Have you heard Strange Ranger (formerly called Sioux falls)? They are a new group but heavily indebted to the band’s you mention. Debut and subsequent ep are worth a listen. One of my favourite discoveries of recent years


Make recommendations a bit hard here by saying you already know a bunch of the other key bands “etc.”

So what you’re really looking for is lesser known American alt rock albums?