American Brexit - The Live Thread


Trumpocalyspe has gotten too big and unwieldy. One for the night owls.

Live coverage has begun. Accusations of impropriety already in place:

What channel are you watching? What snacks have you got? How much Andrew Neil can you handle?


Pbs on YouTube
Tesco sweet and salty popcorn


Gonna be tough not to be massively distracted today


I have now remembered why I don’t sleep on election days: I get really anxious and want results immediately. Luckily I’m really tired and don’t think I’d be able to stay up even if I wanted to.



Dr Oetker Speciale in the freezer. Bottle of Coke Zero. Left over Maoam from Halloween. Gonna crack a bottle of wine that’s been sat in the fridge for months probably.

First indicators just around the corner.



Do you think Vine is insistent on doing the graphics for all elections? Reckon someone else wants in?


lol andyvine hehehehe lets hope not


would it be weird to eat a scone now, and spring rolls later?


mate, this is end of days stuff, anything goes now


lol 6 second looping graphics


also, cheese or fruit?




strong, pretty jealous tbh. Got a tea and ginger nuts


Just found out bbc has Andrew fucking Neil not the Dimblebot so gonna swap streams between the young turks and nbc like a real american politics dickhead instead


it was you who we found out keeps no food in the house wasn’t it? i’m sorry but i dont have much sympathy. i also have olives and a pizza if i need it and a second bottle of wine.



got food in now, but aiming to go to bed at 1 so don’t want to fill up on anything more substantial than biscuits, also haven’t got anything as tempting as a scone in (got some potato waffles calling me though)


Bought a pack of mini chocolate fingers and a bag of fancy Ritz crackers (they are diplomatically called “cream cheese and onion” btw) to see me through until the early hours. Fingers are finished and I’m halfway through the crackers because I am an animal


Andrew Neil’s the fucking worst. Where’s Dimbleby?!


Bed like the rest of us should be I reckon