American DISers - plea for help

A weird request for a massive favour!
My TV lost her lucky plush she’s had on her desk at various work for years, and silly, i know, but it really upset her. I’ve found one exactly the same but they wont send to the uk (i sent them a begging email and they just did a stock ‘we don’t send internationally’ email)
If anyone could get me one and send onto me i’d be eternally grateful (and obviously pay whatever it costs)
Or alternatively if anyone can find an identical one elsewhere.
Ridiculous i know, but its a break from the doom and gloom


Hey there fella, I’ll order one up for ya. When it gets delivered here, I’ll DM you for your address. No worries about payment. Cheers.


Top man.


That is so cute!
And so is @NeilYoung what a sweetheart :heart_eyes:


Can we just acknowledge what an absolute GBOL @NeilYoung is please?


Mate, you’re an utter utter legend, but i have to pay you for it and the postage as its a huge favour. I’d be backing the corrs tanker up to your house right now if i could!

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this thread has cheered me right up :slight_smile:


Nah no worries man happy to help. Order placed, coming from Hawaii so may be a little bit. I’ll DM you when it arrives.

I love Dole pineapples. :+1:

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The bizarre thing is it’s an identical match to the one thats missing, but i have no idea how she got it in the first place. She worked in a supply chain for a supermarket years ago so maybe it was a promo gift?

I will nag you to the grave to pay for it, especially the postage. I can paypal you in USD no bother, just the ordering alone is such a massive favour.

No worries at all on how long it takes… i didn’t even think i’d find one anywhere…!

this is lovely. @NeilYoung is a lovely dude. :pineapple:

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I fully understand how a significant other can grow emotionally attached to a stuffed animal. Mrs NY still has her teddy bear she got as a little kid to this day.

Even if it is missing and eye and a hand after the dog bit it off. :smile:

Happy to help.

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Could say Neil Young has a heart of gold

I’ve not left the house in a long time


A bump for this! Pretty much thanks times a million to @NeilYoung for this. A person in lockdowns day was made:

(However they said their hair was not good enough for public display!)

Thanks so, so much


Awww look at the little pineapple face! So cute :blush:
Well done NY!

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YAH! I’m glad it made it, enjoy!