American foodstuffs which are amazing and our own versions can't compare to

Donuts (speficially Krullers)
Root Beer

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Baked beans. We can’t compete with their pseudo-BBQ sauce and bacon bits.

Also sandwiches. All sandwiches.

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Hotel breakfasts


Then why did my eggs Benedict come with watermelon, strawberries and pineapple on the same plate? I had to use some sacrificial melon as a breakwater to stop my pineapple getting egg yolk on it.

i was in some best western or something, and there was just a guy with a griddle making omelettes for breakfast and i don’t know how but this was one of the best omelettes i’ve ever had.

when i go out there for thanksgiving (which i’ll be doing again this year), they put jello salad on my plate with all the rest of the food D:

googles “jello salad”

the FUCK



mexican food

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oh hell yes, mexican food doesn’t exist on this isle

Don’t care. Any country that has make-your-own waffle machines as a common thing is definitely doing hotel breakfasts right.

I suppose I could have used it to make a waffle breakwater to save my melon.

green bean casserole’s a magnificent dish

Waffle fries
Gonna say barbecue for the most part

i’m not even on meatbook, but yeah, americans gets properly irate about what we would call barbecue and they’re probably right

cream soda

I haven’t had USAsian cream soda, but I love the British kind. What’s better about it?

i guess the same difference between our coke and theirs, has a near lethal amount of sugar in it and comes in gigantic containers

Isn’t cream soda a child’s drink?

fried chicken

You’re thinking of milk.