American Football 2019

Really looking forward to this. Holding off for the lp arriving. I love BSM but the last few albums I’ve ordered from them usually turn up the week after release.

oooh this album is gorgeous.


listened to it quietly in bed this morning but there was a lot of ruffling, so need to give it a proper listen later. Sounded great though.

A lot of wut?

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Getting Ian to review American Football/emo in general is usually a sure fire way of getting an 8.0 review or above. He admitted in another recent article that he has a tattoo of the house from the cover of LP1 and 2. I do enjoy his reviews and usually check out anything he likes though.

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Ruffling, you know the noise the duvet makes

LP2 did nothing for me, at all, after 5 listens I felt no reason to return.

But after the first listen of this one I’m finding many reasons to return and who knows, given time, I can see this record potentially becoming my fav from them. ‘Every Wave To Ever Rise’ is probably my least fav of the bunch but even then I enjoy it. Very pretty album

agree with everything above about LP2 - following on from one of my all time favourite albums is just felt a bit… pointless. I think they’ve found something worth going for on this record though, it’s sounding great on first listen.

My god the first track on the new album is gorgeous.

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one of those bands where i’d been played the odd track and really like it, i assume always stuff from album 1

anyway, i started following this thread and i get email from BSM so have listened to the three songs released prior to this album coming out.

i’ve now listened to this new album all the way through, the best songs are absolutely superb but there was at least one where i just though ‘nah’, so i’m looking forward to a) editing it into a banger of a playlist but more importantly… listening to the first album properly which i still haven’t done

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The first album took me ages to fully gel with. In fact, I remember telling @moousee I still didn’t fully love it back at 2000trees in 2015. A couple of months later I saw them at Reading and they were utterly gorgeous and heartbreaking and I guess everything they’d been billed to be. I remember spinning the vinyl the next morning and wandering around my house with a massive tear soaked smile all over my face. These days, I even rather like the last album, although this one’s a lot better.


Uncomfortably Numb is bloody great isn’t it? So is Silhouettes

I want a new Paramore album.


Liking this a lot so far

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Yeah, this is REALLLLLY good

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Listening to it now with my son asleep on my lap, and it feels like a Moment. It’s nice music - like a world-weary Sea and Cake, but that doesn’t quite do it justice. I so so prefer his breathy middle-aged voice. In fact I think I rate these newer albums over their ‘classic’ album, which I always struggled to enjoy.

Now here me out. I’m currently 50/50 over which is the better record LP1 or LP3

I think Uncomfortably Numb is the best song they’ve ever done

I knew this would start happening.

That people will start preferring LP 3 to 1? Or that Duck will like a song featuring Hayley Williams because she waifu?

The former. It is very good and it was bound to stary happening. I don’t really care which is ‘better’ just glad this one ifls so great.

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It IS great

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