American Football 2019

listening to LP1, all the trumpet on it made me think of this album by Jeniferever, which @sean very kindly gave away as a free download at some point (about ten years ago)

LP1 was released a lot earlier tho!

currently preferring LP3 to LP1


need to have a listen to this at some point. Found the last one really un-moving, and haven’t really got on board with this comeback as they kinda belong at a special time and place.

Listened to this so much as a lovelorn young man in soggy Manchester - a real classic for me.

great record, decent comparison point too

LP3 is their best album.

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I love this :hearts::hearts::hearts:


Wow this is really good. I put off listening to this because I really disliked lp2 but this is a nice surprise.

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I’ve even come round massively to the Hayley Williams one. Love it now.

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My new favourite video


This new album is one of my favourite things to listen to at the moment, new or old.


They’ve just announced three UK dates including a matinee and evening show on the same day at the Brudenell and I’m working in fucking Switzerland then, absolutely fuming

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also this with Pheobe Bridgers, Sheer Mag and Turnover :heart_eyes:

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iirc it’s one ticket for multiple venues over a day but it’s not usually too expensive? Like £30?

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Had the same problem. Got a ticket for Manchester but I’m in Copenhagen for work.

Saw them in Chicago at the weekend and they were sublime, might grab a Visions ticket now too

If anyone has a ticket for the evening Leeds gig they don’t need, drop me a line and I will buy it.

Selling a Visions ticket for Sat if anyone’s interested - £25 (tickets are now £40 I believe). Can meet Finsbury Park way the next couple of evenings, or Sat morning.

I of course mean Mirrors!

Easy enough mistake to make :joy: