American Fried Egg Specifications



yeah tbh that is the reason why i always go for scrambled egg when we go out for breakfast, i don’t know what those things mean or how i like my fried eggs, so y’know, stick to what you know.

this same thinking got me stuck drinking cappuccinos in vienna for 5 years.


We’ve found the hill @japes is willing to die on then. A big, over easy hill


feel like the whole board is trolling me this morning

how do you lot not know how to order a fuckn egg


I ask for a poached egg and hope that a poached egg comes out on the plate.



Also fry it on both sides :upside_down_face:


Solid yolks are better than runny yolks.


fao whoever got @japes in secret santa, he’s very passionate about eggs


and a big ol’ cup of steamin’ hot joe, get outta here!


take a refill there hun?




ohhhhh (sopranos oh)


I with Theo here. I love eggs and I’ve read this stupid thread and I still don’t get. Even the ones they flip are still served sunny side up so how can you tell!!!


I used to work in the egg world and sometimes people would specify for their fried eggs to be sunny side up and it’s not necessary to say that but people still would.


Food fad answer of “shakshuka”.