American Gods (telly)


was looking forward to this but first one seemed a bit shit.

your man from hollyoaks is not that good, looks handsome in a tailored shirt though. ian mcshane is good <3. think maybe i’ve seen too much of that stylised ultraviolene on tv now… this, legion, the one with woody the vampire.





is this on amazon? going to watch it, calvin from hollyoaks, lovejoy and crispin glover, how can that be bad


Yeah Amazon. Oh just remembered that Calvin’s sister is wotsit on GoT too… It’s passed time that Tony Hutchinson gets his own TV detective show.


didn’t realise this was amazon. might watch it then.

though i thought the book was pants and this looks a bit guff.


that was much better. not that interested in shadow but any scene wednesday is in - yes.

i fucking love ian mcshane so much. i think him and anthony hopkins should be in something together where they sit across the table from each other and speak with interesting cadences about things that are never fully explained.

casting seems great (MARTHA!) the direction was a lot less goofy than the pilot too, can see there was a pretty tight budget at times with the technology stuff but on the old gods side the set design/production is really pretty.

i thought you penoids would be all over this.


I liked the first episode, though I thought some of the dialogue was a bit at odds with the atmospheric direction. Second episode worked better overall though.

Lead actor is the least interesting of all the characters introduced though. Kind of the same in the book, to be fair.


I’ve seen both episodes. Not as great as the reviews I’ve read but it’s good enough for me to stick with.


Is this going to turn into a Walking Dead, I only watch it because I want to moan about it thread?

I thought the first episode was wonderful.


I thought the first two episodes were really good. It looks amazing.


Lots to like about the first episode; Lovejoy, the leprechaun’s coin tricks, that evil millennial with the droogs.

Cannot believe the leprechaun is Nick Sobotka.


I liked episode two as well. So far my only issue with the show is the technical boy, didn’t love the way that was done.


I can only imagine what the people who haven’t read the books think about the sex scenes.




I’ve caught up. One thing I’ve noticed, with the exception of shadow, all the characters have very similar voices to their audiobook counter parts.

Not sure I liked all this stuff about Shadow and his Mrs’ relationship. It was left without that much background before, I was cool with that.


Yeah, I kind of enjoyed it, but it does also feel a bit slow as a whole? There was so much crammed into the book, but the show is moving at a snail’s pace. Not sure how many series they want to spin it into it, presumably lots and lots at this rate. Looks nice and is very atmospheric though.


I thought the series was moving pretty briskly and was more or less due to complete the book midway through the second season. The slower episodes help fill out some of the backstory and give the characters a bit more depth.

I will say that I wonder if anyone who hasn’t read the books knows what’s going on otherwise.


It’s been a long time since I read it, and Mrs HYG never did, so we’re both sort of fumbling through. She likes to read spoilers and stuff though, so that probably helps. I can’t really remember how it ends tbh, the only thing that stuck with me was the atmospheric stuff by the small town with the frozen lake.


am i the only one who kept up with this in the end? having never read neil g i had no idea what to expect going into this and having just finished the last episode my mind is pretty much made up - new favourite series. really colourful and interesting. thought it managed to deal with a tangled, complicated story pretty well for the most part, bar the odd unavoidable-because-necessary bit of looping back and forth.

i thought it was well done how shadow serves as the audience avatar, confused as fuck initially before gradually being won round by this world of magic and wonder. we learn in step with him, which i think is a very smart move. i’m really into my mythology and stuff anyway so once i realised the writers had actually done their homework and were faithful to the folklore and had their god characters behaving within that framework then i really started to appreciate it. when anansi showed up i held my breath cos i was like, oo this is a bit of a risk innit, but that scene is now one of my favourite tv moments ever:

“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a man got fucked. Now how’s that for a story? ‘Cause that’s the story of black people in America.”

orlando jones knocked that fucker out of the park. thought the jazz suited that scene too, although for some reason i thought the flamenco guitars in that scene with the mexican immigrants came off as a bit…shit and problematic.

mcshane can do no wrong can he. gill anderson is awesome in this too. totally nailed lucille, bowie, and marilyn. and crispin glover has a great mix of creepiness and charm.


I liked it quite a bit, but not really sure I liked where it left off as a season. It really be climactic since the plot is just now going, but it just kind of ended in a random spot.