Amnesty thread for people who aren't really into ranking things



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There certainly are a lot of ranking threads at the moment.




Each as equally valid as the last!


you can talk about them in the thread without ranking them if you want



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Way ahead of you.


I didn’t think you’d actually bloody do it


What can I say, I’m a maverick.


(not the 4/10 poker film)


I like long rambling conversations about the social / emotional context of pop culture.

I do not like scoring pop culture out of ten as the sole measure of it’s validity.

I agree with the sentiment of this thread.


I like The Donnas.

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Tell me about the first time you heard them.


The world needs big opinions Epimer, and those threads are how we harvest them.


God, I dunno! It would either have been on MTV2 or something I downloaded on Napster because I’d heard the name and that they used to be on the same label as Green Day.

It’s funny how much faith I/we used to put in record labels to be curators for the type of music that might be of interest, isn’t it. Epitaph, Fat Wreck, Kung Fu, Rock Action, etc. Would just assume that if it was on there it was worth a listen.


If we could combust them out of existence for fuel then I believe that would be a huge improvement.


eps i got a new games shelf


A shelf for new games, or a new shelf for old games?

Either way I’m going to need to see a shelfie.


a new shelf for all games. it’s modest compared to yours ofc - lemme show you here:



And the important thing is there’s still room for expansion(s).

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