Amnesty thread: Widely popular Twitter 'figures' that you hate


Reasons can be as irrational or petty as you like.

i’ll start: that @technicallyron fella is a clown.




Every single one of them.


Not going to be able to contribute much to this thread unfortunately


I don’t really hate any of them.

I don’t really get dril though.


i hear that


Owen Jones, for no good reason tbh.

the DiS one, not the left-wing political commentator.


Here’s a picture of a headline and here’s a picture of a Daily Mail frontpage. Alright already, enough.


@eltham’s going to fuck you up, pal


Anyone who’s ever used the phrase “let that sink in”, which appears to be most of them.


Oh, actually: when I see an awful political tweet, or willfully ignorant one, retweeted into my timeline, it always seems to be by twlldun.


I wish DiS favourite hrtbps would stop retweeting himself all the time


Glinner is a WANKER


He’s not very good at Netrunner, if that helps at all.


nothing is so transparent as someone playing to the gallery



hrtbps needs to be careful, he’s at that precipice at the moment where people let the thousands of followers go to their heads. hope he can weather it


He made a big fuss about ‘leaving’ twitter the other week as it goes.

Still pops up to tweet a link to his Guardian columns mind.


danny baker. oh look, he’s gone on a rant about modern football, or how music was better in his day, or whatever the fuck else


1/ I really don’t like it when people go off on one