Amnesty thread: Widely popular Twitter 'figures' that you hate

2/ across a hundred sodding tweets. If you can’t say it

3/ in 140 characters, write a blog or something





Who’d have thought @plasticniki 's self doing would be outshone so quickly.


this is the main reason i stop following personalities.

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That woman who made a sourdough loaf out of the yeast from a yeast infection.


I quite like these, if only because it’s usually somebody going full moker like that Eric Garland masterpiece a few months back.

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jesus christ. i just saw someone on twitter ask for money from their followers if they ‘got something’ from a thread they’d written. jesus christ

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He’s one of the worst people in the world. Top tier twat.

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link to pnikkers said doing please and thank you

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Wow, there’s a phrase I hadn’t seen/heard in a while

I posted a tweet today that wasn’t just a link to an article or something. Don’t remember last time that happened. I don’t really get how people still use it so much.

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It’s going to be so disappointing if he ever tells us, isn’t it?

I don’t even recognise it

Glinner is a prick

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Does this work? It’s in the easter egg hunt thread.



No one reads blogs!

Blogs literally only exist so wannabe journalists can put them on their CVs. That and google ad revenue.

ever occur to you that the most prolific people on there are typically wankers with little to say off the platform?

edit: just read that post back to myself and it seemed a bit aggressive. that wasn’t the intention.