Amp/Speaker Question

Bought some well-reviewed Q Acoustics bookshelf speakers for my record player.

Stupidly didn’t realise that cables would be sold separately. They recommend some £100 odd QED cables but is that really necessary? Would a cheaper alternative really make any difference?

Also, in terms if amps I’ve got one Logitech one that doubles up as a Subwoofer, not sure it’s suitable in terms of connections, but I also have this very old (80s/90s? - but in good working order) Pioneer one - in terms of Wattage it seems fine, but any other reason to think it won’t work. Don’t really feel like splashing out on a new one.

Connections/details of the speakers/amp:

edit, the cables above will be excellent. Base cable (the very cheapest) may not sound great, something like what I have linked will noticeably sounds much, much better, you could spend a fortune - like the ones you have initially been recommended but they are not really worth the extra cost at all, unless you are very rich. These will be more than fine.


Just get the thickest speaker cable you can afford, don’t settle for the thin wimpy cables that tend to come with hi-fi.

Your Pioneer amp will be fine, and will probably sound better than the Logitech.

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Also it looks like the speakers will take banana connectors, connecting with them is way easier than having to wrap the wire around the terminals. Unfortunately it looks like you won’t be able to use them to connect to your amp.

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Cheers. So I just need those for the speaker end and will have to fiddle about at the amp end with the terminals? That’s not so bad.


Cables are a con job - go basic.
100 definitely too much imo.

I’d never spend more than a few quid on speaker wire. Con.

Got mine cut off the wheel at a local hardware shop.


I think you’d need to have a £10,000 hifi for your speaker cables to ever be the limiting factor in terms of sound/quality. Just get some fairly thick (4mm) pure copper cable, like this:


But you are cutting the corner off page 26 of every other book on the shelf above the speakers though, right?

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Worth getting in touch with Richer Sounds, in my experience they won’t recommend expensive stuff if something cheaper will do the job.

wtf is that about then?

HDMI cables are, but if you’ve got a decent amp and speakers you’re really throttling it with cheap thin bell wire. It’s like owning a Porsche and putting thin re-mould tyres on it.

I think i’ve often heard it said that it’s probably the least important link in the chain after the aforementioned amp, speakers and source (mp3s/vinyl/flac etc).
There’s a lot of subjectivity in hifi though, but i’m inclined to scepticism when it comes to the sonic effect of cable choice.