Amsterdam crew represent



@deadonthestairs @ma0sm @ghostpony @owensmaterob @mr.lady




What a handsome bunch.


That’s one hell of a meat right there. Beautiful people


Yes, love a good meat photo, always so heartwarming :slight_smile:

Hope you all had fun!


It’s no Glasgow MEAT but you’ve done well.


Aww guyshhhjj


Why you gotta be that way


Forget it, maosm, it’s Glasgow.


This was so much fun! I have a tummy ache from all the amazing food and drinks but it was definitely worth it. Until next time! :slight_smile:


I am not ‘liking’ the fact that you have a tummy ache btw


Was a top night which has culminated in my first proper hangover in months.


Same, I am quite taken back with how rough I feel today!


Nice to meet you all! Another GBOL, as ever.


Ahhh this is great!


Found the venue for the next meat