Amusingly gross things that have happened to you recently

I just sneezed whilst eating a peach and loads of mashed up peach went all over my hands, and there was a bit of peach on my keyboard, and bit of peach on my personal computer monitor. There was peach fucking everywhere, basically.

All cleaned up very quickly, and nobody saw, so it’s fine, but it made me thing “that was quite gross”.

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Sorry, this was a nectarine, not a peach.

My granddad once coughed up a pea (this was about 15 years ago) and said “I haven’t even eaten any peas for weeks”


Thanks for clarifying.

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It would be funny if you sneezed and a whole Linda McCartney sausage came out of your nose, wouldn’t it?


I think that’s a wonderful suggestion

Got an eczema wound on the top of my foot, yesterday I was walking a lot, got home and whipped my sock off.

Yep that’s right, the sock had fused with the wound and I tore a nice fresh scab clean off my foot, blood everywhere

I’m a real catch

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feels like a lifelong thing for me, sadly. constantly having to change bedsheets because I’ve scratched myself bloody during the night. woe.

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