An actually good Classic Threads thread


Let’s actually use this for good classic threads eh?



Can we delete the link to the first one please mods?

Led to some prick pretending to be me, going on mumsnet as ‘thewarn’ and posting misogynistic comments. Not cool. Making me angry just thinking about it.


Just had a look at the baby names/mumsnet one and had this advert

DONG energy


Didn’t realise that, soz pal


Yeah that wasn’t on.

EDIT : Sounded sarcastic - wasn’t.


I still have no idea who was behind the whole mumsnet thing.


Genuine apologies - honestly didn’t realise that thread was so toxic.


what one?


Justine Roberts


Right answer




i thought it was the OGB


foley, innit?


as in ‘Die Old Folk’ foley?


Um… dunno?


The one with chris_is_cool becoming the living embodiment of Gareth from The Office is my all time favourite.


Can’t remember the guy’s first name. Created a thread about wanting all old people to die because he’d had to queue in the post office. From Scotland. Created a bit of DiSquiet amongst the social board.


I don’t remember that thread.

Foley had various accounts here. He could be very funny, but also had a tendency to get a little carried away and do some proper nasty pranks.


I think that might have been Foley that time. That was a long time ago.