An album a day keeps the Disers at bay (DiS community Album of the Day type thing)

Heyyyyyyya. So following on from @jordan_229 quest to listen to new music every day I think we should all branch out and do something similar as a community where we listen to one album a day and can share thoughts, opinions, bants, etc etc etc.

The idea will be for people to send me suggestions for albums (can be anything… new, old, familiar, obscure, etc etc etc) and I’ll assign them days and hopefully gage enough interest that we can keep this rolling for a lil while. A nice way to listen to some music you perhaps wouldn’t have or rekindle a flame with an old favorite.

The daily thing means there is less pressure for people to feel obliged to keep on top of it on a weekly basis like the only weekly clubs I did and you can dip in and out whenever you fancy listening to something but dont know what.

Let me know if you’re interested and send me a couple suggestions each to begin with (lets say max 4 to start with) each with a little bit of text why you chose it. Can go into a much or little depth as you want.


Didn’t Sean try something similar on a Friday once upon a time

I cant say I remember. I used to do the weekly ones on the old boards

think they’re called Radiohead now


Maybe it was you then. I remember a big Radiohead one at least (2 Radiohead posts in a row). I like the idea mind. Community participation things are fun

This will deffo take off and be fun, I know it’ll take off because Im giving the Smashing Pumpkins lot a reason to get us all to listen to Smashing Pumpkins. Hope the rest of you join in too, even if its just a matter of throwing in some suggestions and forgetting about it :slight_smile:

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I’m all for listening to new albums every day. Obviously will be inundation overload at some point to most, but each member can pick and choose as they go. I personally am a bit of a nut that likes to listen to 3-5 new /old albums every day at least so this is right up my alley.

Also, good for listeners to share some of their favorite records new and old that others may not have heard, or forgotten about etc. I know their are specific listening clubs out there on the boards ambient/drone/electronic, hip hop/rap, etc. So would this be all encompassing of any genre?

Anything you want. Make sure you let me know what genre it is so I can include it in the blurb when I post. It’ll also help people avoid ones they dont fancy

I’m up for this, though I don’t think I have much to recommend beyond the sort of stuff people on here already know.

Anything! Even if most have heard it, its an excuse to revisit old albums innit :slight_smile:

The idea for it being daily and this as a whole is to share things you like, find new stuff and just as a prompt for people to listen to things. So much choice its nice to just get a prompt to do so, even if you’ve heard it a bajillion times before.

It’s not like an album of the week kind of thing where we are stuck with a choice for a week, so it doesnt matter really what you suggest :slight_smile:

I’m in

For everyone:

If you’re interested PM me suggestions and I’ll get it started tomorrow!

Ya’ll better get ready for some serious ambient/drone-y deliciousness :joy:

I’ll mix it up don’t worry.


Got your suggestions. Can confirm you mixed it up :smiley:

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If your ever running low and need more suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask… :smile:

You’ve got some nerve

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The Walkmen it is then!


Good thing you loved Machina the first time, you’re going to be listening to it again.

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Still not had any requests from you guys yet, and if u do, I will make it compulsary that SP fans submit at least 3 records

I’ve been overthinking it. I can’t decide whether to assign all 4 slots to Corgan or to include other underrated or hot-take inducing albums. I wish everything could be as simple and straightforward as identifying the greatest artist of all time (Billy Corgan).