An all-purpose NFL offseason thread

The combine starts today after two fairly newsless post-Owl weeks in which some co-ordinators got hired and Derek Carr began an incredibly sad free agency tour. The combine itself seldom creates much interesting news but it’s the first harbinger of a new season even if that season is still 6 months away.

A fairly dismal looking free agency class will become available in two weeks, which after franchise tags will be headlined by…dunno, Javon Hargrave maybe? Fortunately the draft looks like a much more intriguing affair with the top pick likely to be traded and most mocks projecting 4 QBs in the first 10 picks.

Use this thread to discuss your team’s needs, free agents, draft hopes etc plus leaguewide trades, crimes or even the XFL for those of you wondering what Paxton Lynch is up to these days.

Also an update to my foolproof “do they need a QB?” index from last year

Settled on a QB for next year and happy with their choice: Bengals, Ravens, Browns, Bills, Jags, Chiefs, Chargers, Bears, Lions, Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Rams

Probably not settled but multiple decent options: 49ers

Rookies who’ll get at least one more year: Steelers, Falcons

Will move on and have a sensible plan for doing so: Texans, Colts, Panthers

Probably want to move on but won’t due to a lack of better options/being a badly run organisation: Dolphins, Patriots, Titans, Broncos, Packers, Vikings, Cardinals, Seahawks

Absolute disasters: Jets, Bucs, Saints, Raiders, Commanders

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Bucs situation is maybe the worst of all - way over the cap, only QB under contract is something called a Kyle Trask, no high draft pick, team secretly kind of terrible. But they won a SB a few years ago, so probably fair enough.

Seahawks is an interesting one. Geno played plenty well enough last year to get a 2 year deal or something, but might also have played well enough for others to be eyeing him up. Didn’t seem a likley scenario this time last year.

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Bucs are surely on a complete razed earth season. Trade Mike Evans, strip everything down for parts, pretend you believe in Kyle Trask, pick one of the top 2 QBs next year

Surely Geno is staying put, I think everyone is happy with him. I can see them perhaps using a pick on a qb to develop if there’s one they like, but they’d be mad to can him.

He’s a free agent though, they might not get the option - he can play where he’s paid. I agree they would be mad to let him go though, just got to pony up the dough.

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Oh, right you are. Fingers crossed they sort out a good deal for him. Seems like a good locker room guy too.

Feels like one where he’s probably worth more to Seattle than to anyone else. Be very surprised if he ends up anywhere else

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This is where the issue is I think. As the adage goes your quarterback needs to be great or cheap, and Geno’s neither. They need to avoid giving him a Tannehill-esque contract that risks becoming a millstone if he reverts to the mean; something like $20m a year for 2 years with as much cap hit in year 1 as possible would be the sensible option.

Think this is exactly what he’ll get. Enough that he’s had the big payday he wants, team friendly enough that if he turns back to being shit they’ve got no hesitation drafting his replacement next year

I think someone else would pay him more than that. Reckon he’ll stay at the Seahawks but be north of £30m a year, although two years sounds right. I’ll guess two years at $32m/year, at least first year guaranteed.

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That’s the rub isn’t it, $32m a year is “we think this guy can win us a Superbowl” money (it’s about what Kirk and Dak are on for comparison). Agree that Geno’s definitely more valuable to Seattle than anyone else but they need to be careful not to delude themselves into thinking he’s more valuable than he actually is.

The problem the Seahawks have is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be them that thinks they can. As per your QB index, at least five teams absolutely desperately need a qb. It only needs one of them to offer som big money and the Seahawks have to match it.

Impressive given his career stalled because a teammate felt compelled to punch him in the face

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Some offseason polls!

The Bears will pick at number one

  • Yes
  • No

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The first QB selected in the draft will be:

  • Bryce Young
  • CJ Stroud
  • Anthony Richardson
  • Will Levis
  • Other

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Aaron Rogers will:

  • Stay in Green Bay
  • Go to the Jets
  • Retire
  • Other

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Lamar Jackson will:

  • Stay in Baltimore
  • Join another team

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Here’s a scenario I haven’t seen floated anywhere but kind of think makes sick sense:

Bears have tonnes of cash, but Fields was not the choice of this regime.

Ravens want Lamar but don’t want to break the bank for him.

So why not swap? Bears get a proven talent in Lamar and can afford to pay him what he’s worth. Ravens get a similar type of QB at a much cheaper salary.

Quite like that uniform.

Just heard on NY Sports talk Giants releasing Kenny Golladay, good riddance what an absolute bust. Hopefully the last of the Gettleman disaster’s. Amazing what a job Daboll did with this squad when you look back and think on it.

How about this stat:
Golladay 43 career catches with the Giants, 1 TD, 36 million in his bank account. Fuck off.

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Worse GM

  • Dave Gettleman
  • Matt Millen

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I assume the Giants are going to tag Danny Dimes and see what they can do with Saquon, rather than pay Jones $45m a year