An all-purpose NFL offseason thread

Congratulations @anon27715433, he’s really very good.

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Lions singing Steelers CB Cam Sutton. A bit “sane planning, sensible tomorrow”, but can’t complain about that, looks like a solid move to improve our weakest unit.

Retirement would definitely be funniest at this stage, especially if the Jets have to watch every other passable free agent sign elsewhere while they wait for Rodgers to emerge from his contemplation wigwam.

oooh nice

would be really nice and not very Falcons if the front office continue to recruit like this

feels low-key exciting to be a fan again. the aim is apparently to be like the Bills (obviously remains to be seen if they’ll get any remotely close to a Josh Allen)

Not sure how sane signing WELCOME TO THE ANALZONE for three more years is. Great hair though.

Darren Waller for a 3rd round pick, you go ahead Joe Schoen!! I’ll take that.

Basically traded Kadarius Toney for Darren Waller, fine by me.

don’t mind him as a backup

Just gets funnier and funnier.

Is there a point where the Jets call his bluff and tell him to do one?


Ekeler being linked to the bears. Is that smart? He’s great but will probably demand significant $$ and running back is one of the few not shit departments. I get he’s an upgrade and a different type to the Herbert Montgomery axis. Seems a bit of a gamble when there’s bigger needs.

Just brought in Allen Lazard.

Looks like demands are being met. I hate Rodgers with every fiber of my being.

Proper stringing it out :roll_eyes:

He’s such a pranny.

A large part of me doesn’t want him to go to the Jets because that will mean the Packers set some compensation for him, but it would be absolutely delicious to watch him have a disaster year after the Jets sell the farm to get him. It will suck for Jets fans of course, but plus ca change.

we can only hope he fades out in New York like another former Packer QB.

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How long till he’s sending dick pics to sideline reporters

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going to be tough to view in the hibernation of darkness.

Montgomery is looking at free agency right? Would rather we spend the spare money elsewhere (both lines and secondary) and grab an rb in the middle rounds of the draft but we’ve got money to spend and makes sense to have a high end running back paired with Fields

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It’s very exciting either way :slight_smile:

Lions have now signed two starting corners after picking up Emmanuel Moseley from the Niners. Coming off an injury could but still an upgrade (over nothing). Like it because it frees them up in the draft - felt like CB was an absolute necessity in the first round, now we have total flexibility.

God he’s a prick.

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and Pat McAfee could do one as well.