An all-purpose NFL offseason thread

Defo tuning in. Hope it’s awful and he makes a fool of himself

Hope he’s there in person and the studio roof collapses

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What is it with Rodgers and these shit demands? Lazard and Cobb? Demand something worth having you dick. If you’re going to take hostages in the bank you don’t ask for £4,000, an Unlimited cinema ticket and a Ford Focus to get away in.


38 year old Marcedes Lewis as well. If I was a GM I’d be reticent about surrounding him with the worst members of his supporting cast from his most recent failure in Green Bay but that probably wouldn’t even crack the top 10 of reasons I’d avoid him.

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Missed that the Lions have picked up David Montgomery from the Bears. Sad that this means Jamaal Williams will be gone, but understandable given the situation, as entertaining as he was.

Always thought Montgomery was kind of forgettable, do Bears fans rate him?

In my mind he’s about 30 but apparently he’s only 25? Most of my knowledge of him comes from fantasy ownership; he’s always produced well in a fairly miserable offence but seems injury prone. Seems like a good back to have in a committee.

Ha the first Lions analysis I read praised him for being durable and rarely missing time. A true man of mystery.

Conveniently overlooking the 5 weeks he missed in 2021 after spraining his knee in a game against…the Lions.

Glad he’s been paid though, just had a flick through his wiki page and his early life sounded absolutely brutal.


By RB standards he really has been durable. That five weeks out is pretty much the only stretch of more than one game he’s missed in four years. Not many RBs can say they’ve played more games in that period, it’s brutal back there.

You don’t have to tell me, I’ve watched Deandre Swift sitting on the bench for the past three years.

So much contempt for the people who make these pictures

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Anyway, Baker to Tampa. Someone’s already said Tampa Bake which, all things considered, is preferable to Tompa Bay.

I’d love that job. Bleacher report are the undisputed kings of the genre.

Everytime i see rapsheet post something I’m convinced he’s spelt his own name wrong.

The Bengals have managed to get Orlando Brown for a fairly palatable 4 years and $64m, of which only half is guaranteed. Feels like an opportunistic move rather than a planned one, not sure if the team will either try to trade Jonah Williams or cut Collins and move Williams to RT but it’s a definite upgrade at a position of need.

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So the Lions have now signed Cam Sutton, Emmanuel Moseley AND CJ Gardner-Johnson. They’ve completely rebuilt their secondary, which was the definite weak spot of the team, and none of the deals even seems that onerous? Is this what it’s like to have a competent front office? I think most intriguingly it truly frees up their draft. There are no obvious outstanding needs, but two first round picks. Everything is in play, it can actually be best player available. They could even go QB and get ahead of the future Goff question.

Think Lion fans generally are going to reach a fever pitch of hype by September. I will remain sceptical of actual success until I see it, but it’s nice to think nice things about your team and hear other people say nice things about them.

You should really be making Lamar an offer, give up the 18th and next year’s 1st, still get the #6 pick and find someone to take Goff off your hands

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I can see the logic. At $50m a year I don’t know how it makes sense with the cap but maybe before Sewell and Hutch etc need their deals you’ve got a couple of years to go all in. I think the upgrade over Goff is pretty clear (as much as many fans have convinced themselves that Goff is legit now) if Lamar is healthy. That’s an increasingly big if though.

I’d be in favour I think. But the mystery box appeal of Richardson is even bigger.

This is nuts

Apparently the doctor is the same one that spotted potentially life-threatening conditions for Jon Dorenbos and Nick Fairley during their physicals.