An all-purpose NFL offseason thread

feeling pretty low about the jets today

no idea what we were thinking with the elijah moore trade. we must look like total idiots to everyone at the minute because of the way we’re bending over backwards for rodgers, so other GMs are rightfully taking us for a ride

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you can’t expect Aaron Rodgers to throw to an exciting 23 year old receiver! best get Randall Cobb instead

Moore’s a strange one, felt like they never really rated him there but he still put up reasonable numbers given how few snaps he was getting. His replacement appears to be Mecole Hardman who will be more expensive and probably less effective.

Wagner is a Seahawk

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Spent ages wondering where I recognised the baddie in John Wick 4 from, before realising that he is the quarterback of the Cincinatti Bengals


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London Smile GIF by Lord's Cricket Ground

Really not sure what he’s expecting to achieve here, the price is still two firsts and Baltimore would be daft to settle for anything less. Just saying it won’t make a market for his services magically appear.

Obviously the best outcome here is that he goes to the Jets but I still think he’ll be in Baltimore next year.

Waiting two weeks then signing a journeyman corner who’s failed everywhere else he’s played and a tight end made of glass is some vintage free Bengals free agency work, you love to see it.

Not sure why the Colts wouldn’t be all in here. It’s been a debacle at the position since Luck retired early.

Meanwhile a Canadian billionaire who doesn’t even have a wikipedia page has put a 6 billion dollar bid on the Commanders.

Did you write this?

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As if I didnt love him already.

Looks like one of the only decent NFL sites is either going to stop existing or become much worse

Repurposing a website that made its name thinking about football differently into a tedious content farm is an editorial direction I guess.

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And twirling, ever twirling…

Anyway, the draft is a mere 10 days away. Who would you like? Who do you think you’ll actually get? Any more blockbuster trades incoming (the Cardinals need literally everything and have no money so I reckon they’ll move that 3rd pick).

Also reckon Irsay decided the Colts would draft Levis months ago.


My dream scenario is something super weird happens and Will Anderson falls to the Lions at 6 - realistically, I’d be happy with Tyree Wilson or either of the two corners we get mocked consistently, Christian Gonzalez & Devon Witherspoon. I’ve no idea what we’ll do at pick 18 and wouldn’t hate it at all if we took Bijan Robinson, but I’d be surprised if that happened.

Can’t see Anderson falling past Seattle at 5 unless they trade back, which may happen depending on what those above them do. Robinson is a real wildcard in this year’s draft, seen him mocked pretty much everywhere from 10 onwards. There’s some talk the Bengals want him now that Mixon’s (finally) moving into the too expensive to keep years of his contract but I don’t expect him to still be there at 28.

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The Bengals really need to sort Burrow’s contract before the market makes him even less affordable.

After being all aboard the Malik Willis hypetrain last year (history May one day vindicate me), this year it’s Anthony Richardson’s turn. The most athletic QB ever to test, he is a weapon to be molded. At this point I’m not sure he’ll make it to six, wouldn’t be mad about a trade up though. They have the ammo, they have the luxury of no glaring holes on the roster, and a bench for him to sit on while Goff competently plays out his contract. When are we going to pick this high again? The time to futureproof the franchise is now!

Obvs won’t happen, we’ll get a corner or Carter (urgh), maybe a none-Anderson edge and it will be fine.