An Alternative Best of...

Remember when we used to make playlists? That was fun.

I thought it might be a nice idea to make an alternative ‘best of’ for a band you really love. 12 or 13 tracks, and no singles/tracks from an existing ‘best of’.

I’ll start with Blur.


My best of Blur would be Song 2. That’s it. Everything else they did wasn’t very good.


Get out of my thread you negative nancy.

This isn’t the place for trash-talking someone’s nice things.


I’m positive about Song 2. Great song.

Trying to do one - turns out I like a lot of Blur…


Good playlist. Love You’re So Great and Death Of A Party.

Here’s a good bside:

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I will do my own later, but I also plan to have Ambulance as my opener :heart_eyes: (that was the song I used to calm me before my first TV recording)


Didn’t intend for the thread to just be Blur, but this works :slight_smile:

They did so many ruddy bloody good songs.

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That’s mine.

Good playlist, pleased to see Death Of A Party and Trimm Trabb in there. Would throw Trouble In The Message Centre and He Thought Of Cars into mine. Villa Rosie too. Black Book.

I’d struggle to whittle it down to a sensible number of tracks I reckon.


I did have this problem – wanted to limit it to max 2 per album. I’d have probably whacked Globe Alone in mine too if not.

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Yuko and Hiro missing??!!

Will do this, and will try and keep it to cd length (72 mins?)


Also a bizarre opinion!

I’d go for this

  1. Sing
  2. Advert
  3. Jubilee
  4. Popscene
  5. Bank Holiday
    6, Dancehall
  6. Far Out
  7. Miss America
  8. People in Europe
  9. Ong Ong
  10. Trouble in the Message Centre
  11. Resigned
  12. The Anniversary Waltz

Edit - don’t know why this has put 6 in twice, but I assure you there are 13 tracks here.

1. Tender 7:40
2. Bugman 4:47
3. Coffee & TV 5:58
4. Swamp Song 4:36
5. 1992 5:29
6. B.L.U.R.E.M.I. 2:52
7. Battle 7:43
8. Mellow Song 3:56
9. Trailerpark 4:26
10. Caramel 7:38
11. Trimm Trabb 5:37
12. No Distance Left to Run 3:27

Youre So Great is the best Blur song.



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That’s just like your opinion maaaaan

Here’s my 12 track favourites not on the Best of. Never did like anything on Modern Life, Think Tank or Magic Whip so upped the limit to 3 per album for the rest.

Haven’t really thought this through that much which is a good thing. We don’t have to do Blur right?