An app to generate a version of your face that can't be tracked

App is here:

Of course, you need to upload a photo which makes it feel a bit, “To get your pornstar name please match your mother’s maiden name with your first pet’s name” wallet inspector.

Not sure if you can get a version to download though.

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This feels like the most depressing solution to the problem of identity theft


TBF their website immediately offers it as an option for people (women) on dating sites who want to project similar to their real life face but not give this information up to potential stalkers.

Fine line there (in terms of catfishing but not actually doing so) but an interesting one I guess.

I do not wish to deny the trackers the joy that is my face.

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my face is usually in the same place these days tbh


Would like the sound of this if I was the sort of person who put pictures of their face on the Internet.

I don’t want to use my pic for this so I’m just harvesting some faces from the Selfie threads to test with. Hope that’s not a problem.

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I would like an app that finds the one (unrelated) person in the world that looks most like you, and then arranges for you to be pen-pals.


Those people don’t look the same

but what if i fall in love


i always think about the beard on this guy. like i get everything else being reimagined so… why that beard

I’m calling it now.

@LilWoodyToodelly is an underrated DiSer.

This one just caught me off guard and made me Laugh Out Loud (L.O.L.)