An argument about clothes discounting


ASOS had a deal on which was spend over £150 and you get £30 off. I had to order a dress for a wedding but didn’t know what size so as they were £99 each, I ordered 2 and put the £30 off voucher to use.

Now I don’t need the smaller size so I sent it back. The cheeky buggers have taken the whole £30 off the item I returned.

Surely the discount should be spread across all items and if I returned one item, the percentage of the discount should be taken off that one item?
What would have happened if the dress I returned was £30? Would they have given me no refund?

What I want to know is am i right enough to email them to complain and start beef with ASOS?

Edit: Had this argument with my bf at the weekend where he told me I was wrong for assuming the discount would be off all items.


It’s always worth having a bit of an email whinge, can’t hurt.


you are wrong


so basically you tried to cheat and got caught? tough bones, man.


No, I think ASOS are right.

You’ve returned one of the two dresses, so your total net spend on that purchase is now £99 and not £198. So to wind things back, they’ve removed the discount.


No, they also had a deal on that if I spent over like £75 I would get £15 off. I would have ordered just the one but its from a shop I haven’t bought from before and I am a funny size with my jugs.



BUT if I used the other discounts codes on offer, I would have got £10 off. Should I be punished because I didn’t know what size I needed?


Tell them that they should give you a £15 discount then.


sounds fair enough


asos are genuinely shit to their customers. yet i still spend the majority of my clothes budget there because the returns are the best avaliable and i still have student discount for another month.


I think you’re backing the wrong horse here I’m afraid but good luck all the same.


BUT they had a voucher for £15 ff over £75 which I would have applied as it was in the same batch of offers they had on.


I guess after returning your item you’re only spending £99, so don’t qualify for the discount. Tough break.


yeah I like that I only spend £9.99 a year for next day delivery.


But you knew that you were going to send one of them back, though. So I guess you should have made two separate purchases and got the £10 / £15 discount.

I guess you could maybe either (a) return the second dress and then re-purchase it using the discount code if it’s still valid or (b) try to plead with them to get the lower discount saying that it’s a more cost-effective alternative to returning both.


I guess I guess I guess


I’m just gonna email them and have a pop


It’s worth trying.

In separate news: since when has it been so easy to return clothes in high street shops? I ripped the pocket of my new suit trousers on Saturday; I took them back to Debenham’s yesterday without a receipt or anything and got a replacement pair, no questions asked. TBF I think they’re used to cheeky people coming in the day after a wedding to return a suit that they’ve worn once (thus using them as a free suit hire company).


Oh thats pretty good!

My GHDs stopped working after less than a year and I had to have a huge argument with the lady in John Lewis GHD stand (John Lewis told me to go down there and i’ll get an exchange) and a big moan to customer service and finally got them swapped out.

the GHD lady was like “well we’ll only swap them if they’re not working” and i’m like “define working cause my hair aint curling no mo”