An audit about your sleeping habits (again)

how much you get on an average night

  • less than 6 hours
  • 6-8 hours
  • 8+ hours

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would you like to get

  • less sleep
  • more sleep
  • fine as is

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how’s the quality of your sleep

  • poor
  • fine
  • amazing

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have you ever suffered from a strange and highly interesting phenomenon known as ‘sleep paralysis’

  • yes
  • shut up m8

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love to get your thoughts on this

Recently got a 3" (wahey) thick slab of memory foam as a mattress topper, really enjoying it

i’d really like to be one of those up at 6am going for a run, doing productive shit type people but i just aint cut out for it

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Which ones?

I have them too but they make me so groggy the day after :frowning: I don’t really feel any benefit until day 2 and by then it’s probably like the day after a hangover when you’re back to being normal but normal feels amazing.

Ah ok, cool. I was going to say ‘if they’re ambien, throw them in the bin’. Carry on.

never understood why dis is so skeptical about sleep paralysis, it is a really common thing

Stopped drinking caffeine and booze and now I sleep like a baby.

i don’t think it’s skepticism so much as just a bit of a man marries goat

probably get about 4-6 hours during the week. has been worse in the past though, and I can function on that, so :expressionless:

i believe you but what kind of life is that?


It sucked at first but now find stuff more enjoyable sober

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Sleep paralysis is fucking horrible, don’t get it as much as I use to, well in the last few months anyway.

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Best feeling ever is when ive not had enough sleep (usually a school night hangover) and i get cosied up after work and feel my eyelids dropping and i just feel the most relaxed and nothing can hurt me mmm

I really believe this, the healthier you are the better your sleep will be and it multiplies how well you feel.

But, I mean, who wants to live without caffeine and alcohol?


I did all sorts of mad stuff on it. Trashing my room and making phonecalls are the only things I’d want to share!

Alright, Liam Gallagher etc.

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Then i wake up at like 9pm after a 3 hour nap like FFS WELL DONE DICKHEAD

fair play to you pal, must take some doing

It’s only been a month, I’m sure to blow it, I’ve promised myself booze at festivals and birthdays doe :3