An audit about your sleeping habits (again)

Get to sleep faster but the quality is telling the next day


used to help me sleep when i was younger but nowadays i really struggle if i’ve had a few beers

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My sleep was shot by having a child. In general I don’t need much more just an occasional sleep in at the weekend would be good.

I wake up nost nights but am not suffering the anxiety related insomnia type symptoms that I experienced a lot last year.

I think I sleep better when I’ve had a few nights off the booze, one night off isn’t enough to notice.

At the moment I’m managing to enjoy the heavy tog winter duvet. Sometimes I go through phases of getting really sweaty at night. Not sure if that’s health or mind related or if I just get hot

I find it hard to fall asleep before 3am and if I don’t have class, I will just sleep later than I should.

almost all my classes this term are at 1:30pm or later so i’m sleeping in late and getting loads of sleep but then i have to spend my entire evening & late night doing work that i should really have done in the mornings. still probably better than 9am starts where i’d be lucky to get 5 hours

still fully convinced that i have this legit medical disorder