An El Camino Thread (blurred spoilers)

Thought was good but definitely not a standalone thing. No way would that have made any sense without BB knowledge.

Looked gorgeous.

A few issues with characters looking older/chunkier (Jesse Plemons).

Good to spend a little more time with Badger and Skinny Pete

More to say but typing on phone so cba.

Wha bout u?

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No plans to watch it 1/5


Found it enjoyable enough but unnecessary


Spanish for The Walk

Spoilers sorry


Was fine to look at but nothing really happened did it?

is this that car/racism film with clint eastwood?

Yeah, thought it was good but not required, unless they are setting up a Jesse in Alaska series.

Watched it last night. It was a solid 3.5/5 I reckon. Felt like a very long fetch quest

did have to stifle a gasp when Plemmons showed up

Fat Damon


Was grand. Just an epilogue to BB really wasn’t it.
Probably would have enjoyed it more if I’d just finished BB for the first time right before watching it.
As no main characters were really left after BB the flashbacks were a bit “oh I know this wasn’t in BB but this important to where we’re at now”.
Kandy was a shit villain with a weak oh we have previous via flashback setup.
Cameos, each more surprising than the last!
RIP Robert Forster.

Fine I suppose. Not sure it added a great deal to the ending we already got for Jesse, but alright as an epilogue - kind of didn’t really feel much different to mid-season filler episodes. Probably would’ve enjoyed it more if I went into it knowing that rather than expecting a Big Breaking Bad Film.

Shot well and looked nice as you’d expect. Given they’ve taken a different approach with Better Call Saul, I thought for a feature film they’d manage to set-up one big memorable/tense set piece as that was the best thing about Breaking Bad, which always did season finales well. Lacked that really.

7.5/10. That was nice. Liked how it has plenty of time to breathe (lots of nice establishing shots, like before Jesse and Mike’s chat, and then at the end bookending it with shots of Alaska).

Suppose the thing was that it wasn’t a revenge film - the bad guys are already gone. It sort of made Kandy a bad guy, but he was mostly a dick whose assholishness was his tragic flaw. I liked the gunfight bit, seemed like the sort of thing a coked-up asshole might do in the circumstances (and gave some action to the thing)

Good depiction of trauma and the consequences. The scenes with Todd were hard to watch just because you knew that Jesse wouldn’t escape, he’s too broken down

The flashbacks were nice and appropriate, all people who meant something to Jesse (hence no Gus, Saul, Hank etc). All on the theme of taking control of your own life, making choices. The Todd flashback showed him not doing that when he had the chance to, and that’d why it was so sad. Just realised that Elk Amino doesn’t register/show Jesse killing Todd, you wouldn’t know it happened from seeing this (but that wasn’t him taking action himself, just capitalising on the situation etc so it doesn’t really fit the theme)

Love that Robert Forster was in this almost more than he was the series

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Was fine, looked pretty, but it was pretty pointless and added nothing to the storyline established by BB imo


Enjoyed it, glad it was there to watch, but very unnecessary. Main issue was that it (understandably) focuses on the Nazi storylines, which are my least favourite parts of BB, so the brief moments with Mike and Walt and Jane were even more enjoyable in contrast. But can’t begrudge them for making it and it did just feel good being back in their world again.

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Quite enjoyed that, though it was completely pointless and like others have said didn’t really add anything.

Jesse Plemons was great. Really does that bland psychopath thing brilliantly well.

Thought it was pretty funny at the beginning with Mike when he was talking about Jesse being a teen millionaire now that Aaron Paul is a 40 year old man and clearly looks it.


Been far too long since I saw Breaking Bad. Made it about half way through and sacked it off.

Ah, I meant El Camino. I finished Breaking Bad in 2013 or whenever which is just too long ago for me. Stuff started coming back to me, but I barely even remembered Jesse being held captive. Had had a couple of beers too which probably didn’t help.

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