An encroaching general mistrust of the outside world

A lot of people have said and summed up my feelings as well, think we’re all in the same boat on everything.

Went to look at a house at the weekend (it was empty, we wore masks and gloves, so did the estate agent) and went to look at cars (mine is on its last legs, again, wore masks/gloves) and both experiences felt… weird? As if I’d never done them before and I felt so anxious, like I shouldn’t have been doing them? :frowning: But I just wanted to do something else, you know?

A friend is having a birthday gathering for her boyfriend next week and has invited more than the 6 household minimum thing of people and said “yeah, it’s fine, we’ll all social distance and stuff” and I know that’s bollocks, because a few drinks and they’ll all be hugging each other. Urgh. Plus, I know this person hasn’t been social distancing properly from the start of all this mess.

One thing I wanted to say, has anyone found it difficult to make eye contact or speak directly to people? I’m really, really struggling with it for some reason, even with my parents who I just want to hug, but I can’t and it’s really upsetting. :frowning:

Also, fuck going to the pub.


Mostly been alright with it, I wear a mask most times when I’m about and generally try and socially distance where possible. I think the one thing that has been new is a concern around particularly large gatherings which has kind of been an issue lately since due to lockdown requirements I ended up moving in with the TV and their housemates have been holding some fairly ridiculous parties the last one of which was actually shutdown by the police :grimacing:

I can see this being alright when the infection rate finally comes down but it’s been a bit tricky lately.

Can’t face going outside. Not even corona worries, just how different and unfamiliar is unmanageable.

Health is suffering badly from being so sedentary and none of my attempts to get an exercise routine going really taking.

Wish I could do anything again :frowning:

So, where is my head at with all of this? Been thinking about it a lot and I am largely ok/ not too mistrusting.

Went to a country estate with my son yesterday and it was as if covid had never happened with the exception of metred queues outside the cafe for ice-cream, which was operating as a takeaway. It’s set in a vast forest and didn’t feel unsafe despite there being hundreds of people there (it’s the summer holidays up here now.) It was actually really lovely and a wonderful bit of escapism.

Went to tesco last night and it was pretty busy, lots of people wearing masks (not many wearing them properly) but I didn’t feel unsafe. Cleaned hands and trolley befoe entering shop, cleaned hands before getting in car, still washing down/ quarantining shopping, altough my enthusiasm for this is dwindling.

I think the real test will be next week when scotland moves to phase 3. I have a hair appointment on the 17th and will probably go out for dinner at some point that weekend- I’m a bit wary but looking forward to it.

Our nursery isn’t going to reopen until August 13th- they’re legally allowed to open now but only with social distancing which would mean 100% staff for 50% pupils and that doesn’t work financially for them. so, only 37 sleeps, or something like that! He’s ready to go back now (has been for some time) and unless there’s a dramatic second spike then i’ll be waving him off on the 13th without a single hesitation.

The things I’m a bit reserved about going back to are long train journeys, and the gym. I just can’t see how these can be made safe given the lack of space/ circulating air and risk of aerosol spread (unless re train- they add extra carriages so people can spread out (masks are already compulsory but people need to learn to keep them on their faces!!), and re gym, everyone wears masks and machines are rigorously sprayed down between users. I can’t see how my spin studio will ever operate again until we have a vaccine or other major step towards controlling this. I suppose for me the gym is easily avoided (although I miss it, I have the kit at home and I run) but I can’t really avoid the train as my commute would be much harder by road.
So that is my current state of mind on this, and will probably change again after my trip out next weekend.

Would you drive to work? The thought of driving into a city and trying to park (when everyone else has the same idea) sounds awful to me.

My gym is a proper sweaty old underground cavern with archaic AC, and it was a petri dish of wet muscle men at the best of times. Absolutely NO CHANCE I’ll be going back and need ot decide soon what to do as I think I have to give 3 months notice. EEEP. And I have a locker full of my stuff there too that I’m keen to liberate. Fuck knows what mouldy hell that locker will be like after 6 months of being locked up. :sob:

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I’ve lost track of what the position is in england, but you should do this once you can!

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Haven’t read all the thread!
I was kindof fine with all this, but now things are sliding into more relaxed territory I’m finding it more difficult. Have met a few friends outside now and I’m not really quite myself, like I’m on edge around them. I’m ok with being like this in the supermarket or avoiding people if I go for a run or walk, but I’d like to be relaxed around people I actually like.
Think this is going to get harder as more social things open up, like everyone has different thresholds, I’m happy with seeing one or two people a week, but somewhat limiting my exposure to people, but I’m less happy with those people I might see having been all over the place / staying at people’s homes / going to the pub / no masking, but I can’t police my mates can I!?! It’s quite hard to be all ‘oh sorry I can’t come to your very sensible social distanced outside drinks for your birthday as Steven is going to be there and I don’t trust him!’

Difficult… still amazed by the amount of people I know who are all ‘oh we are allowed to do this now so it’s fine…’ or ‘I went to the pub and I’m ok!’ - like people don’t really seem to get that the more stuff you do the more the risk is increased no? That’s just simple math!

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Really think I’d pass a clinical threshold for agoraphobia