An evening thread at a normal time for Thursday 24th June

Rather than complain about it, I thought I’d start the evening thread.

What’s for dinner? What’s on the telly?

Tell me about how you’re going out so I can live through you vicariously while I’m stuck in isolation



Going to have some smoked mackerel with sriracha, tenderstem, green beans, peas and buttered new spuds.

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Had a huge energy crash from all the sugar I’ve had today so couldn’t face cooking, just made a sandwich.

Might have a nap now

I’ve literally not been outside, not even to take the bin out (mr froglet has done it the last couple of times), for about 2 weeks.

I had Quorn dinosaurs, waffles and beans. I am an adult.

I went outside briefly earlier for a walk round the block but that’s it. I am not going outside again.


How many?

Went out to work…came home via the garage for my number one hated job, filling up with diesel.

Making jollof rice and halloumi for tea, then it’s yoga.

Forgot to put peppers in the rice. Ah well.


Other day we had Quorn dinosaurs, the kids were like is it meat? Me yes, dinosaur. Maintained this line of enquiry and answer for some time, to both our credits.


Do you not get cabin fever? Even when it was full lockdown I could still get out and see a horizon, but I’m surrounded by tall buildings here


fun fact, despite having held a license for over 2 years, i’ve never filled up a car.

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What a lucky ducky.

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I’m the same. Hate not leaving the house for even a day, makes me really grumpy.


We’re in the town centre so when travelling wasn’t allowed, there wasn’t really anywhere to go that was worth going.

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I’ve sent some emails today which I’m probably going to get into trouble for. I think I need to get out in the garden tomorrow and at least feel the sun on my face

Good evening

Made carbonara for tea and very nice it was too. Can’t believe it took me until about 6 months ago to discover how easy it is to make.

Not sure what I’m doing for the rest of the evening in the absence of any football though. Oh wait, yes I do, watching the cricket.

Admittedly I have taken the small, furry animal for a walk but I’ve quite enjoyed doing little more than wearing a groove into the sofa today.

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Does cutting the grass in the back garden count as going out? I did that this afternoon.

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just did a 5k after weeks of no real exercise and it felt so good, like my muscles were crying out for punishment. been overdoing it a bit lately and work is stressful af so just gonna chill in front of the telly tonight.

fush ‘n’ chups for tea. quite happy with that.


Evening all. My going out has involved getting my second vaccine, so that’s nice. Popped to the supermarket on the way home.

I probably won’t be going out again today.