An evening thread for this Tŷrsday (Tuesday)


Evening all, thought I would make one.
Got a burrito for exam lunch, may have been a poor decision. Going to listen to some johnny jewel stuff to get me thru.
Having an issue with pinging Spotify to lastfm on iPad, I go to type in the username and pasword, but the keyboard doesn’t stay up for longer than a second! Any ideas?

Many thanks,


I’m going to hand my notice in tomorrow.

I’m pretty scared but I feel it is for the best.

I’m going to focus on caring for my mum and making my music.

I know I’m not a “pro musician” but I feel I’m pretty good for an amateur so maybe I can make something I can be proud of if I dedicate myself. Who knows maybe someone will want to pay for it one day!

Please wish me luck because this is very hard for me.


Good luck!


thank you :slight_smile:


I will support you in any way I can.


thanks mate, stay strong and don’t lose your nerve :slight_smile:


Good luck! I’ve been going back to your cover of that pulp song, it’s really good and I really like your voice :slightly_smiling_face: You posted an original song on here before as well that I liked a lot / was jealous I wasn’t able to do something like it


Thank you very much. I have plenty on my soundcloud! Too bad I never did anything with any of it. HELP ME SEAN!




also should I do a song today and if so what song?


Yes do one! Not sure what to request though. What about a bit of the Silver Jews?


don’t know any…could try and learn though, might take a bit more time if I don’t know the material at all


How to Rent a Room


Ahh don’t bother with them then I just looked to my most played on lastfm :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh god am I going to have to listen to every song they ever put out tonight?


maybe an LCD but I don’t know…they are hard without a phat beat


No, that is my no 1 favourite Silver Jews song.


Not sure for me. Could well be trains against the sea, but pretty eyes is fantastic as well, and then there’s federal dust, and then there’s also sleeping is the only love.


What about this?


great song, but I feel I need something with a little more paaaaassshun